Facebook from a phone

Sometimes I'll open up facebook from my phone when im getting ready to lay down for the night.  Recently I went to my own profile for the first time.  When I clicked on the "Info" tab this is what I saw...

well.. thats what was there.  this.. is what i saw:

Not a big deal but I thought it was kinda funny.


how can you not love this?

I hope everyone has a friend like this guy.


new music site

been enjoying this site today, its kind of a fun way to hear new stuff. you can watch the videos or just click "music" for an easy to use player.


ill add my voice to the throng

taken this morning at 5am
always the first snow draws a reaction from us all.  to those few lucky ones who love the snow and cold winter season, who plan on taking full advantage of the slopes or who embark on snowmobile adventures, i envy you.  i can only look forward to a few attempts at capturing that perfect stillness that happens after a night of peaceful falling snow.  i can indeed admire the beauty of winter in those rare moments.  and perhaps some, in homemade soups and stews or hot chocolate and wassail.  but for the vast majority,.. i add my feelings of trepidation to those that will wake up this morning and give a heavy sigh at the sight of the beginning of another long winter.  my first thoughts are always on how little i enjoy having cold wet feet for the duration.  having to wear flip flops all year is not my favorite.  i suppose i can feel lucky im not going to be out in it much this year.

good luck to you all.  the first snow is always bad news i think.  everyone seems to lose their minds and forget how to drive in utah.  but in all that misery i hope you also find one of those rare moments to admire the perfect stillness and beauty of the season.



mac boot up

in case you were wondering what your mac is doing while you wait for it to boot up.


here's to 2nd verses

love these words

thanks for showing me this, miss Daisy


i dont know what to say

just watch this.  its what dreams are made of,..  well some dreams.


new blog template

i like it.  you might not love it.  

Finally a good gmail mac app

Sparrow - I love you.  Its just a beta so im sure it will get better, but the only thing that i would change is to be able to run it exclusively from the status bar.. or what ever its called. very minor.  but this is just what i wanted.  growl notification with a sound.  updates fast.  i can do everything i ever need to do from its very minimalist window.  it doesnt try to download my million email inbox either.  lovely.


So it begins again...

Sweat pants and fuzzy socks, first time since last winter.  Oh goodie? 


Update VLC -> Cog

Decided to ditch VLC in favor of Cog to run my music.