update: looks like its been removed.  you gotta be quick to get this stuff i guess.  early leaks get shutdown pretty fast.  it was a sweet 6 minute long THOR trailer.


summer solace

today was great day.  started with an extended motorcycle ride.  then lunch with dan at wallaby's.  they were having some kind of anniversary deal where a plate of food was only 2 bucks.  so that was a totally random score.  then spent some time in work meetings, had fun talking to friends.  eventually came home to a nice little summer thunder storm.

drawn outside by what could have been supernatural powers, i walked into the night
i found myself walking in the middle of the road and straight into the storm
summer storms hold a special childlike power over me
there is just something magic about it, something ethereal
 such terrible noise, such terrible power
i can think of few things more beautiful
intensely terrifying yet equally attractive
mysterious to all, understood by few
it harbors a very unique set of emotions
and its all kinds of awesome to me
but tonight it was simply
a summer solace


secret jeep project continues

more tomorrow. we are not done yet =)

secret jeep projects: update day 2

things are going smoothly


secret jeep projects

i just bought 105 pounds of metal.  secret jeep projects are go for launch.
my dad holding a yellow ax...


blissfully lost in the fog

im long overdue for a solid post on this blog so here goes my best attempt.

its been an amazing summer so far.  winter was one of the hardest times of my life.  i didnt know if i was even going to make it through it.  its amazing how things can change so dramatically.  to go from that awful state to being able to drive again and ride my motorcycle around and then manage to have all these great adventures so quickly has been amazing to say the least.  i almost forgot how terrible it was just a few months ago.  which is also pretty great.

so far ive managed a trip to northern california where i got to see the giant redwoods and camp on the beach for the first time ever.  i climbed a mountain during a blizzard one day at lake tahoe and the next i was getting a sun burn on some remote beach on an indian res.  on the beach i saw whales and seals and all sorts of sea birds.  and miles of beach and rock to explore.
adventuring huck finn style

dan's bachelor party campout was probably a once in a lifetime event.  close encounters with a rattle snake.  best camping food ive ever prepared.  best place to shoot guns in utah as far as im concerned.  and spending time with long time friends was priceless.  was fun to play with my new camera as well.
one of my favorite pictures.  and it was my first try!

went to moab and lake powell for 8 days.  moab has always been good to me ive been there many times, but this time it was very different.  usually i eat all my meals out of a can cooked over a fire (this time i still did that but i also ate at a great italian place that i didnt even know was there) and while hiking in the devils garden the weather turned suddenly very dangerous.  on top of the spine we were caught in a scary thunder storm, with blinding hail, and flash floods and extreme cold.  it was the coldest ive ever been in my life.  but also an amazing experience.  powell was relaxing and full of fun. hiking and boating and swimming, even a small cave.
this should tell you all you need to know ;)

fairview canyon and fish lake was a fun jeep adventure.  camping up in fairview was pretty much ultimate with the full moon that night.
even with all the sunburn i still love the jeep adventures

and then my most recent trip to portland.  amazing waterfalls, cool geology (yes.. im a nerd) fantastic doughnuts, great food i ate like an entire fish (which was a first), my first clam chowder, spent time with really great people, made new friends, ate the best mexican food ive ever had and it was from a taco stand(or wagon maybe), good music, great memories.
chaco wings!

to sum it all up, its been a great summer so far.  while in portland we went to the ocean for a day, but when we got there it was densely foggy.  we could hardly see anything.  it was pretty amazing.  we explored around and it was a lot of fun.  but the best part was i had my favorite book with me [the name of the wind] and was reading it as i was walking along, alone and lost in the fog,..  blissfully lost in the fog...
the best thing i could have hoped for this year...