Azureus Rising

You should probably do full HD and fullscreen on this one.  Very cool proof of concept, I hope they get to make it.


The Cosmic Thunderbolt

This has been on my mind a lot lately.  (no surprise there, i am always thinking about this stuff)  Dave Talbot has done some pretty amazing research and compiled a couple videos called "Remembering the End of the World" and "Symbols of an Alien Sky" which are pretty mind blowing.

Here is a little preview for part two of "Symbols of an Alien Sky" called "The Cosmic Thunderbolt" that is coming out this summer.  I can't wait to get my hands on it!

If anyone is interested I have a copy of his first two videos if anyone wants to check it out.  I highly recommend them.


Scary stuff

this is scary information everyone should know.

its one of those times

do you ever just have a need to listen to the russian national anthem @ 1:30am?  well frick.. its happens to me all the time.

and do you ever notice how awesome their anthem is?  its way better than ours!  this song all by itself makes me want to be russian!


great pic

this is floating around the interwebs.  very funny i thought.




hello everyone

this video is nerdy, because its about google's internet browser "chrome" but if thats all it was i would never have posted it here.  this video also includes such things as:

  • slow motion cameras!
  • potato guns!
  • speakers!
  • tesla coils!
  • and ships?
all things that i love!



this post is brought to you by a new editor/desktop publisher called "MarsEdit"

i can already tell this is not what im looking for so i probably wont be buying it after my trial runs out.   but here we go anyway, in my favorite quick blog format!  Bullets!


  • i love the word "panache" and i feel its not used enough in day to day speech.
  • i figured out how to kill the mac boot up sound (yes i do realize this is useful for when you are having posting problems, but i couldnt care less.  i hate it.  it is now dead) go here if you feel the same way i do about it.
  • i had an interesting and sudden realization the other day while talking to adam.  i think we were talking about cool places to eat in SLC.  he said something like "you would love it here" and i realized i had never actually considered moving to Salt Lake.  honestly ive avoided the whole salt lake county my entire life.  i hate finding my way around it.  im not a fan of getting lost and being frustrated about expensive or non-existant parking.  however the walls i had erected all seemed to come crashing down.  my reasoning suddenly seemed ridiculous and all i could imagine were plusses and possibilities.  it all seemed to make sense.  so now i want to move there.  if i could i would.  the end.
  • they came out with a new way to jailbreak, its called spirit and it apparently works with all devices and all versions.  sounds easy.  you should try it out if you have been curious about jailbreaking.  its probably never been easier.  (make a backup just in case)
  • yesterday i went to a BBQ and made a pretty ultimate half pound teriyaki spam burger.  i was surprised at how good it turned out.  it was massive.
  • iron man 2 is a freaking good movie.


i am now going to add some random pictures just to see how easy this program can add pics.  enjoy.


one day im going to build some awesome bikes.  i swear it.


the voice

today was a good day.  had some family over for a movie and peach cobbler.  went and saw my sisters new car.  that was pretty exciting.  im gonna try and post a video of what the car looks like soon.

but.. most importantly.  today megan showed me this song.  i guess its been around a while but it was a haunting first time for me.  sometimes im really impressed by music and i absolutely love when that happens.  it would be very easy for me to listen to this song all night.  what a perfect voice!  and even more impressive, how it melts so perfectly into that violin!  i can not say enough good things about it.  anyway i was so impressed with it that i downloaded 4 albums and a DVD which im excited to explore.

makes me wonder if Ireland is just filled with beautiful women with perfect pipes.  if so.. i might be moving there soon ;)


Iron Man 2

I watched it.

It ruled.

The end.

ps. make sure you stay for the scene after the credits.  you dont want to miss it.