the future of computing

here is a very interesting acrticle stemming from job's recent statement "thoughts on flash"

i cant say i know what computers will be like in 5 years and i cant say i agree with everything in this article but it does have some very interesting points.

ive never liked wireless but i can see it being more widly used than broadband in the future.

as long as speed and connectivity are never an issue, i really like the idea of cloud computing as well.  never having to do backups?  never losing data because of hardware failure or your house burning down or theft?  having your data follow you whever you go?  awesome.  i would do it right now except its ridiculously expensive for the amount of data i have and internet speed a reliability is not nearly good enough for me yet.

devices like the iphone and ipad squashing all other computers?  i can see what everyone is getting at here.  in some ways i think there is a great need to simpliy things.  for example, i have over 10,000 photos on my computer (over 20gig's worth) and i have completely given up on organizing that mess.  there is no tool i have found that will do it for me.  i have made several valiant attempts, but i always end up abandoning it, and usually making it worse in the process.  not having to deal with a filesystem at all?  the idea almost brings tears of joy.  could it really squash all other computers though?  i think it could.  could it happen anytime soon?  i really really doubt it.  but that doesnt mean google and apple are not going to try to shove it down our throats.

its kind of exciting.  you cant deny that it feel like big things are happening.  i just hope i dont have to sacrifice to much for "the better future" ive never liked being a sheep in the technology world.  or in any world for that matter.


my first mac related post

well since im a "mac guy" now might as well start posting some mac related info.  ive had my mac for a little while now.  ive gotten to know it a bit and even made it better.  here is a list of things ive done so far.

must have's, must do's:

  • first and most important (if you have a magic mouse) BTT (BetterTouchTool) will turn your magic mouse into the ultimate mouse of pwn.  in my opinion they should have done something like this from the beginning.  its crippled with out it.  this will add all kinds of functionality to your touch pad as well as your magic mouse.  it is awesome.  cant say it enough.
  • TinkerTool adds some good functionality (especially to safari) and it kind of reminds me of TweakUI for windows.  i like how it makes my dock look sexy.
  • i hate itunes so a ran into a problem with the media keys on the keyboard always starting up an unwelcomed itunes session.  the best fix i could find is to just let quicktime run in the background (wish there was something better but this works ok).  then my media keys will run VLC (what i use for music, its an absolute must for all computers by the way linux, mac and windows) like a champ.  i should also mention perian here.  i use it a lot.
  • toast is a given i dont think i even need to talk about it.
  • flip4mac is good one to have if you ever need to use a website with microsoft silverlight (which i do [sipsorcery.com]) this should do the trick and also allows you to play windows media stuff i think.
  • holy piss this wind is insane!  i feel like my bedroom window is going to burst and im going to die a horrible glass filled death!  12:40am
  • ommwriter holy crap what a great program.  i write everything in this.  i absolutely love it.
  • adium with growl is what i use for chat
  • appcleaner is great for a more complete way of uninstalling apps
  • last but not least is skitch i absolutely love and recommend this one.  its so great and simple.  
  • actually thats not the last one.  mobile air mouse is a great app for using an iphone or ipod as a mouse and keyboard for both windows and mac computers.  probably the best one out there.  i use the free version but the paid version is even better.
  • i like utorrent the most for mac and windows
  • burn is free and great
  • bodega or appfresh is probably useful but i dont know which is better yet for keeping your apps and computer up to date.
oops.  i was gonna break up that list into categories.. but.. well there it is anyway.

sidenote: today ive decided im going to use tumblr instead of twitter but ill still post to twitter through tumblr.  its just way to cool and way way better imo.  so anyway ill be dumping things that dont end up here.. on there.

i think that about wraps it up.  and for all those of you who dont give a crap about mac.. enjoy this little 2 min preview of all the movies coming out this summer =)

thanks for reading


ventura fricken highway

i have an epic story to tell you.  6, yes 6 years ago i heard someone play an old song on the guitar i recognized.  later i heard it again somewhere and decided i really liked the sound of it.  had a cool guitar sound, the vocals were pretty epic for the time im guessing.  im not really a fan of anything older than the 80's but once in a while i come across a song i can love.

anyway.  that was a pretty busy time of my life and i soon forgot the experience.  actually thats not true.. i just forgot the name of the blasted song.  which aggravated me for quite some time.  6 years in fact.

i tried to figure it out by asking around but it was pretty hopeless.  all i could hold onto was a barely recognizable, general guitar sound and maybe a lyric or two.  once or twice by some sort of music miracle someone actually knew the song i was talking about but could not give me a name of the band or song.

i didnt really try much harder than that.  asking around once in a while and keeping my ears pealed was about as far as i was willing to go.. but it still bugged me for all this time.

fastworward till today.  my mom and me ran a few errands.  i picked up some banana bread and a chicken noodle soup in a sourdough bread bowl from neaders and then we went over to the nearby jimmy johns and sat down for lunch.

they happened to be playing music hits from the 70's while we were there.  i heard the song thats been in my head for the last 6 years and asked my mom.  "do you know this song?"  "america - ventura highway" she says.

like it was no big deal!?

mystery solved.  thanks mom.


ultimate grilled cheese

this is the ultimate grilled cheese experience.  homemade wheat bread with real butter.  tomato soup made with a healthy amount of half n half.  it was so thick it might have been closer to pudding than soup.
mmm so good.



  • life is interesting.  one minute you think you have it all figured out.. and the next you get your face rocked and you realize you dont know jack about anything.
  • its been an interesting few years.. its been an interesting life.  when i think about it, i never know what to make of it.  i can never draw any conclusions.
  • bricks.  
  • i think im going crazy.. sometimes i randomly smell lemon pastries.  
  • i wish i could play music.
  • life has been really confusing lately.  these last few years have had more general confusion than the rest of my life combined.  
  • i bought a mac.  its a computer.  and its far from a magical perfect device.  it frustrates me.. a lot.. but so far its frustrating me a little less than other computers and operating systems ive had.  which may or may not be a big deal.
  • my specialty audio cable came in the mail today and as i was all excited to get it hooked up, i was being extra careful, as i usually am around my audio stuff and various electronics.  i bent over my amplifier to start hooking things up and nearly pressed my head against the outside window in my room.  at that critical moment the earth decided to give me a titanic crash of thunder and lightning right in my unsuspecting face.  it scared me so bad i could feel the physical effect of fear in my shoulders for several minutes afterwards.  it was absolutely amazing.  ive not heard or felt anything like that in years!  so im taking it as a sure sign that this will be a good year for thunder storms.  and also as a general sign of good luck.  you think me silly?  good.
  • lasers.
  • if i dont eat a jaydawg soon im seriously gonna freak out.
  • im still avoiding certain things due to extreme disinterest.
  • PETA.. i still loathe your existence.
  • im listening to amy macdonald right now??
  • a lot of things have changed.  things i have valued and thought of as important are now merely an afterthought.   im probably still a freak though.  
  • plodding continues 

update: tomorrow avatar comes out on blu-ray.  im going to watch it.  there will be a fantastic 2 1/2 hour void wherein nothing in the universe will exist but avatar.  im looking forward to that.

also: good luck in vegas tomorrow jana!


"the day i committed the ultimate blaspheme"

this is a serious thing. for many years now, events in my life have been leading up to a final conflict. not the kind of conflict filled with glory and honor, in fact it was quite the opposite. this conflict took place several days ago on April 11th. the forces involved run very deep. many of you will not understand what i am about to reveal. indeed it may come as a shock to you. it started as a simple experiment, uneasy but harmless, or so i thought. but things progressed, as they sometimes do, and as it continued, it became more serious, and worrisome. before i even knew what was happening there was a tumultuous battle raging all around me. heavy grunting, wailing and gnashing of teeth! fists of destiny were raised! the conflict was ugly, and difficult. both sides so stubborn and sure! yet there could only be one victor. by the time this titanic conflict was concluded, as fate cast her lot and decided what will forever be, the sun began to rise. a new day dawns, and i am forever changed.. perhaps for the better, or perhaps, there simply is no victor. either way, its far to late, and nothing can change destiny...

To be continued...


New Project!

Ive decided what the next project is going to be.  Ive been holding on to this giant car sub I inherited years ago. 

 Now I finally know what I want to do with it.  Gonna turn this thing into a face melting home theater subwoofer.  There are 2 fifteen inch JBL subs in there ready for glory and battle.  To be continued...


Another reason I want to visit china

Mount Hua.  Click here for some awesome pictures.  Here is a short wiki about it.


ladies and gentlemen, the sport you have all been waiting for!  Also this is a good look from the riders seat of another sport you have all seen.  Filmed with the camera I want to get soon.



I just watched 3 surfing movies in a row and I am not ashamed.  Baaaa!


destiny keeps calling my name


personality test

i do these from time to time and i can never remember from the last time what it said i was.  in order to get the most accurate results im going to take the Jung test from 3 different websites and see what happens.

first one: ESTP "Promoter": These are action-oriented people, often sophisticated, sometimes ruthless -- our "James Bonds." As mates, they are exciting and charming, but they have trouble with commitment. They make good promoters, entrepreneurs, and con artists. 13% of the total population.

- i like the sound of this one.   the james bond con artist.  that could be me.
-- possible career: electrical engineer (this would probably be the only degree i would ever be interested in so that fits.)

second one: Your Type is
Strength of the preferences %
You are:
  • distinctively expressed extravert
  • moderately expressed intuitive personality
  • moderately expressed thinking personality
  • moderately expressed perceiving personality

-this one i also liked. they called it the rational, portrait of the inventor.  and name people like nikola tesla which is pretty much my ultimate favorite human ha.  i felt like i related to the non-conformist stuff it talked about.

last one:
ENTP - The "Originator"
Temperament: NT (Intellectual)
Primary Function: Extraverted Intuition
Population: 4.5% (6% male, 3% female)

- once again this one seemed to speak to me so i think i can safely claim to be an ENTP.  the famous people that it listed as ENTP's were mostly actors and comedians which makes sense to me not because i see myself as either of those but i can relate in the fact that i get enormous satisfaction out of making people laugh.  i also like that they listed Nikola Tesla again but also Richard Feynman who i think is awesome.
-- possible careers it listed:

i was careful to be as honest as possible when taking these tests so think i can stick with these results.