it was a very good birthday

at first i didnt know how to feel about another birthday.  but that was quickly replaced with feeling great about the Cheesecake Factory with my family.  here are some pics:

It turned out to be a really great night.  And it turned into a night where I stayed up later than i probably should, feeling melancholy and reminiscent about old times and how so many things have changed.  Oh and then I read a great deal about Viking History and Viking Ships.  Even studied some of the really great names they had.  Like Ivar the Boneless!  (favorite)  And even more cool about where the phrase "going berserk" came from.

Perhaps some things never change =)


the new apple tablet

this is a good read.. and its pretty much how i feel.  i dont think i need to say anything more about that iPad.


reloaded my computer again

i reload my computer a lot.  i would bet more often than anyone who will ever read this.  why?  perhaps im crazy.  i have a lot of reasons for reloading my computer (by the way that means erasing everything on the computer and starting over from scratch).  i dont use any anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall or any security software.  and i always disable all the built in security that comes with the operating system.  i cant even be bothered with updates of any kind.  why?  for the speed.  the blinding speed and performance.  there is nothing more awesome than a computer that is unrestrained by all the bull out there.  could i get a virus?  absolutely.  am i worried?  not at all.  if something bad happens ill just reload again.  not a big deal.  id rather have an awesomely fast yet vulnerable computer over a slow and mostly broken computer than still wont protect you from everything computer any day my friends.

as soon as i notice anything acting even the smallest bit glitchy or slow or suspicious i reload.  if everything has been running flawlessly for a couple months straight.. i reload.  anyway i think its a good practice.  it forces you to keep you backups updated as well.  which you all dont do but should right?

its interesting to think that my digital life consists of 260 gigabytes of music photos and other data.  and it takes about 3 hours to move it back n forth from my hard drive and external backup.  a year ago it was only 177 gigs.  a year before that it was only 80.

and this may be the most boring thing ive ever put on my blog.  wow.  my next post will be way more exciting i promise.  =(


oh my

i just wanted to say that im glad this exists.  wow.

i hate everything

so i just did something idiotic. accidentally permanently erased over 9,000 files off my hard drive. i thought they were all duplicates.. and i think most of them were but.. what ended up happening was a lot of the files that i host on this blog were removed. and. im not in the mood to go track them all down and re-host them. so im sorry im a damned idiot. it wont happen again.

WHY !?!?!?

An absolute treasure

I admit that ive known about this for a while but never spent any time looking through it. Now I have and I have to tell you how i feel about it...

Its pure gold. I give you Nic Cage As Everyone. The blog.


2 confessions

Firstly and simply, I really want to date a woman with a voice like:
  1. Mindy Smith
  2. Martina McBride
  3. Missy Higgins
And lastly, I really hate how popular zombie movies are.  It seems like the internet is full of zombie everything.  The zombie concept is just going way to far, the nerd world is absolutely brimming with it.  Im sick of it.  I dont like any zombie movies or zombie themed anything.  Its never been funny or interesting to me at all.  I could post a million examples but im not going to.  I just cant even handle it.

thats all.


Iron Man 2 and the new spiderman

so i found out today that this image will appear in Iron Man 2.

Its a small cameo/easter egg. This is one of the villains from the Iron Man story. Kind of an alien dragon dude named "Fin Fang Foom" Kind a fun. So watch for it in the new movie coming out.

Also this guy has been offered the new spider man role for the new next 3 movie reboot.

Jim Sturgess


an idea for Dan's band

so dan how do you feel about letting me do this in one of your shows some day?  do you think a couple of 8-bit music pounding tesla coils would find a place in your music?  we would probably just need a slightly bigger venue =)

awesome guitar build

found a great new project for davy.

is it awesome?  yes.


a simple question

what would a $400,000 watch look like?  Fantastic.

my favorite photographer

would like to introduce you to my favorite photographer Li Wei.  All his photos are real.  Meaning not doctored in anyway.  Tricky yes but not altered. 


click here for a slideshow with more photos. 


Black Hole malarkey (Science Rant)

Many of you know that I don't believe in mainstream physics and astronomy. But I still get a lot of weird faces and comments from people as they hear me stomp all over the idea of black holes and other nonsense. A lot of todays science is broken and in trouble. Mathematicians/Astronomers have taken a very bad turn and I think they know it.

Hows that for an opener?  Got your attention?  Or are you shaking your heads and getting fidgety already?  Lets try to explain mathematical documents published more than 90 years ago and then explain what went wrong and why a lot of information has continually been ignored.  First let it be said that black holes have no ground to stand on.  Both Newton's and Einstein's theories have no place for black holes.  Black holes do not comprise some integral backbone of either theory, in fact the opposite is true.  So what happened?

** Before I delve into this story I want to put out a quick disclaimer.  The point of this post is not to dispute nor acknowledge the veracity of Einstein's theories of relativity.  My personal beliefs on what governs the universe will be an entirely different post at a later time.  For now I'm only telling the story of how the fictional black hole was born and disproving it in a mainstream context. **

This story begins with a paper Karl Schwarzschild published in 1916 called "On the Gravitational Field of a Mass Point according to Einstein’s Theory" you can read it in english here if you like.  To horribly summarize whats going on in this document ill say its trying to explain general relativity's relation to the eccentricity of the perihelion of the planet mercury.  All you need to grasp is that the math here is completely sound.  And also that no where in here is there a window or framework for a black hole to exist.  its black hole free.

Then comes a guy named David Hilbert.  He writes a big review on Schwarzschild's paper and effectively convinces everyone of its fatal errors.  However the atrocity that actually occurs is that he is the one to blame for those same errors.  What that means is HE erroneously rewrote the exact parts of equations he was condemning!  I know what you guys are thinking.  "Unbelievable!" right?  Well thats what happened.  The defects in his paper are thus: First the manifold Hilbert used was unable to draw a consistent arrow of time.  Fortunately for him this problem was later overcome by 3 dudes by the name of Synge, Kruskal and Szekeres.  And what they did was essentially build a structure to change the topology as it were which allowed the arrow do be drawn without contradiction.  The 2nd defect still remains.  Which is an invariant, local, intrinsic singularity on the inner border of Hilbert's manifold.  This is where the idea for a black hole was invented.  By an ugly error on the part of David Hilbert.

The idea as you can imagine quickly became widely loved and accepted.  Schwarzschild died before he could really say anything about it.  Now we get to the ugly part.  Schwarzschild's original document was quickly suppressed and ignored and over time a host of others who likewise proved black holes to be utter nonsense, were also suppressed and largely ignored.  I will list a few of these:

  • Johannes Droste also wrote a solution the same year as Schwarzschild in which there were no black holes.
  • Marcel Brillouin wrote a paper in 1923 with a valid solution and smashed the idea of black holes.
  • G. C. McVittie 1974 published this thoroughly smashing black holes.
  • Leonard S. Abrams wrote "Black holes: the legacy of Hilbert's Error" in 1989
  • In 1996 he wrote 2 more papers effectively destroying the Reissner-Nordstrom black hole and the Aforesaid black hole.
And there are many many more.  But they have all been suppressed and ignored.  Why?  Like so many other things I think its because of greed and pride.  If you put yourself into the shoes of anyone who has put their life into these theories and have been given prestigious awards for their work not to mention a paycheck.. It starts to make a lot more sense.

Anyway I have tons more papers and data if anyone is interested.  Which I doubt.  I cant think of anyone who cares about this stuff as much as I do.  I think that's all I have to say for now.  Oh one more side note.  A lot of these papers also destroy the idea of the "big bang" theory and "expanding universe" and others.  But I didnt get into it.

(source credit: stephen crothers is an absolute boss)


music of tonight

cant get enough of this song tonight

a recent pic

this was taken today.  just thought id throw up a recent pic and say a few words. 
  • ive been craving fried rice in a way that can only be described as "savage"
  • ive taken up the "i want to take more pictures" crusade again... we will see how that goes
  • i would much like to see avatar again but in a 3D IMAX kind of way
  • im currently listening to "the best of toto 2 cd set" which means i still love 80's
  • yesterday i spend a few hours at reference audio and learned about media monkey and so far i love it
  • i also learned that i officially want a cinemascope projector with an anamorphic lens
  • i may someday build such a projector
  • i may also build some sweet bookshelf type speakers for my computer (soon) with ribbon tweeters.
  • its hard to find good books.  which is why im happy to have found the mistborn books. love em so far.
  • ok getting a little sick of toto.....
  • im excited for warm weather (yes i know its still far away)
  • im still sleeping on an air mattress.  its funny how i seem to prefer weird and cheap beds always.
  • lately my dreams are more spacebound than earthbound.  is that weird?
  • im still trying to think of a way to give my life whilst also destroying PETA in the process. 
  • i think they need to reinvent socks.  something that does the job but is more comfortable.
  • ive been itching to post another Science Rant blog.. so look out.
  • ok had to switch from toto to country.. sorry guys.
  • i intend to make a "before i die" list but ill probably die before i actually make it.
  • goji berry juice is amazingly tasty
  • i want to learn tai chi, shaolin kung fu and yoga.  i am not ashamed.


random phone memo

so i used to write stuff down in my phone all the time. stuff like music i needed to download or things i needed to buy, sometimes funny things i wanted to remember. just a lot of random stuff. well i was going through some of my notes in there and found this one. i have no idea how long ago it was.. sometimes i put dates on entries and sometimes i dont.. this one didnt have a date. anyway.. apparently some time ago i found my self listening to "basshunter" at 2am. i didnt even remember what basshunter was so i looked through some of my music and found this..

so.. thats funny enough. why was i listening to this garbage? and furthermore.. why in the world would i write it down in my phone so that i could remember that i did it!? i must be the weirdest person i know.

but it gets even better. the entry goes on to say that the next morning i woke up with this completely random unrelated song vividly in my head.

vanessa carlton - paint it black

is that messed up or what?!?


so uh.. remember that "winter beard" i had...

well i sorta forgot that i took a picture of it. its revolting. i dont know why im posting it. maybe as barbara told me its cuz i "owe it to art" hahah

i shamefully introduce you to "winter beard"

one more theme song.

was looking everywhere last night for this one but didnt find it till just now.



one of those silly facebook applications

so i got on fb for a few seconds today and ended up taking one of those silly quizes to see what the theme song of my life would be.  it was probably the worst spamy awful application ive ever seen on there but i got through it and eventually found the results.... which was...

and then i immediately blocked the application. 

this is not that bad of a song.. but my life's theme song?  probably not.  then i started thinking about what would be a more accurate theme song for me.  it got out of hand pretty quickly.  i ended up with 33 songs.  i think id be happy with any of these.  you may not understand why some of these are in this list but assure you they all have a reason hah!  so here they are in random order:

  1. *** HUGE Language Warning ***
  2. *** Language Warning ***
  3. this one may be my top pick
  4. this list just wouldnt be complete with out this song
  5. ** Language Warning **

if you have problems loading this page just keep refreshing (hit F5) and it helps to scroll down the list slowly and it should eventually all get there.

i had a lot of fun making this. enjoy.