mini-disc resurrection and future podcasts?

Davy, Mark and I, may or may not be planning a semi-regular future podcast.  Today was our feasibility study (below is a video representation of the encounter) we are still deciding on what to name it though, maybe ill put up a poll or something, but we are pretty excited about it.  im not sure if we will garner any fans but i know we will really enjoy it.

buried in the depths of my electronics & cables box i found my long neglected but once dearly loved MiniDisc player.  7 years ago The Sony Walkman MZ-NHF800 was a big deal. 
It was one of 3 players that came out that year with "Hii-MD Audio" discs with 1GB capacity.  I remember buying a couple discs from a sony store down in Las Vegas.
after spending years in the bottom of the bin and surviving untold horrors the LCD stopped working but luckily this bad boy comes with a backup screen on the remote.  
a fresh battery and some ancient software soon proved this thing can still lay down some pwn.

i recorded these with the little guy soon after =)




  1. Mini Disc FTW. I have mine out. Interesting compilation discs I created. Can't wait for the podcast. I will subscribe!

  2. I'm back listening to the audio. Yes. Again and again. The end.


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