some people get to have all the fun =(


Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice

Utah probably didnt see much but here is the view from Florida.


podcast action

a couple shots of our first podcast attempt "episode zero!"
i am guessing we will upload it somewhere soon?  maybe?  
more is on the way, we want to do this every other week.

Insane Cravings

i suddenly have an insane craving to listen to ENYA, the spontaneous enya marathon begins now!


amazing video

music video showing off an incredible video effect plugin called twixtor.  want!


I cant help but love this

star wars has changed the way we see the world i think =)



Raiden plays guitar

there are a few reasons im posting this video but mostly its because this guy looks like Raiden and plays an acoustic guitar but makes it sound like a techno song.  i love this man.  and in case you forgot who Raiden is and why he is cool...


Star Trek Door

this is a giant step in the right direction.  just need to make it silent and buttonless.  one day...


knitted gloves

my sister made these for me recently. (i picked the colors!) they are awesome cuz i can still use a keyboard and mouse comfortably with these.

Late Night Confession

I think Jodie Foster is hot.


mini-disc resurrection and future podcasts?

Davy, Mark and I, may or may not be planning a semi-regular future podcast.  Today was our feasibility study (below is a video representation of the encounter) we are still deciding on what to name it though, maybe ill put up a poll or something, but we are pretty excited about it.  im not sure if we will garner any fans but i know we will really enjoy it.

buried in the depths of my electronics & cables box i found my long neglected but once dearly loved MiniDisc player.  7 years ago The Sony Walkman MZ-NHF800 was a big deal. 
It was one of 3 players that came out that year with "Hii-MD Audio" discs with 1GB capacity.  I remember buying a couple discs from a sony store down in Las Vegas.
after spending years in the bottom of the bin and surviving untold horrors the LCD stopped working but luckily this bad boy comes with a backup screen on the remote.  
a fresh battery and some ancient software soon proved this thing can still lay down some pwn.

i recorded these with the little guy soon after =)




why not eat insects?

this is pretty fascinating i thought.  i do not relish the idea of eating bugs but if i could get used to it.. i think it would be much better than eating a disgusting pig full of disease.