Tom Lowe is my hero

I wish i could be out doing this stuff like he is. amazing.


another reason to visit norway

besides the amazing fjords and best base jumping in the world its also a good place for watching the aurora borealis.  enjoy this beautiful time-lapse.


Here's to you Voldy

He finally convinced me to join his side ;)


Trumpet Science!

this post is for you dan.  3000 year old trumpets from peru!
read about it here and more importantly.. listen to them here!

trumpet science


snow white remix

this is silly but i still love it.

the turtle bite is my favorite.


Josh Groban's new CD

in random order and with a few extras.  enjoy.
  Latest tracks by Josh Groban



here is some cool new tech coming out next week

and here is some news for the Dark Shadows fans i know


Heaven is a late night snack

not sure what kind of bagel it is exactly but its got herbs and some kind of cheese baked into it.
a small piece of divinity, buttered and toasted.