This is a test

I just reloaded my mac for the first time.  Pretty painless it just takes a lifetime to do when you are being particular.  Backing up 560GB of data over USB.  Had to make sure I had all the right stuff backed up (Libraries and such).  Im using SilverKeeper to do the big data moves, its free from LACIE, I like it so far.  Then I formatted "erased" my HDD by writing zeros to it (only took 3 hours judas) Then the custom install, then the apps (I think ill write up another post after this when I get everything settled and tell you guys everything I use now and why, that should be fun)  Anyway im typing this blog mostly to test out a new safari extension called ScribeFire (not sure how old this add-on is but its new to me) So far I really like it.  Only thing that sucks is i cant upload pictures from here onto the blog unless they are already hosted.  but this is extremely simple and nice for just writing up blog posts.  

guess thats it for now.. just wanted to do a quick test while i setup my browser stuff again.

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