State of my mac address

Ive had my 27'' iMac for a few months now.  I've had plenty of time to poke and prod at it, enough that i finally broke the OS.  I'm actually pretty surprised it didnt happen sooner.  I have broken windows computers in less than a day, so a few months is pretty good.  Anyway I reloaded it as I mentioned in my last post and now I would like to give a quick (hopefully) overview of how my mac is looking these days.

Browser: I've decided to make an executive decision and stick with safari.  Ive messed with other browsers.. they all bother me in one way or another.. safari seems to be the best for me.  I use the following extensions - GleeBox [this gives you the ability to navigate any of the 3 major browsers all from the keyboard, it rules faces, also it can do a ton of cool stuff like post a shortened URL of what ever page you are on to twitter, awesome]
Google Reader Compact 2.0 [i use google reader a ton, this cleans it up a bit] Ultimate Status Bar 1.2 [cant live without this one, i like to know where links go when i hover over them. its got lots of built in stuff]
GMail Counter [more on this later] Readable Facebook [cleans up facebook a lot] ScribeFire [read my last blog] A cleaner youtube 1.4 [makes youtube look clean and snazzy]

Here is a look at my desktop.  Click to see actual size.  I added some notes in there.

Music: VLC is my champion here.  This pic shows how I do it.

  • SilverKeeper for data transfers
  • VirtualBox for VM's
  • Adium for chat
  • Dropbox for hosting and sharing
  • TinkerTool for hacks i cant live without
  • Ommwriter for when i need to write without distraction, its still awesome
  • Interfacelift.com for all my wallpaper needs
  • Perian/Quicktime for video
  • The Unarchiver runs all my zip/archive files, does everything
  • uTorrent for torrents
  • TrashMe is the ultimate app uninstaller, everyone should use this one
  • I installed handbreak again but ive still never once used it..  *shrug
  • Burn for burning ha!
  • I still occasionally use Skype
  • Skitch a completely lovely program.  Probably my favorite mac app.
Special love goes to BetterTouchTool it will ALWAYS be the very first thing I install on any mac computer.  Best app ever.  Ever.  Makes using magic mouse a pleasure instead of a technological torture, or any mouse (or trackpad) for that matter.

Here is a trick I came up with to keep my applications folder clean and easy to see and sort.  I created a new folder in there called "a unused" [the "a" is so it puts it at the beginning as its alphabetical] then i put everything i dont use regularly or dont want to see when i click on apps in that folder, magic.

up until this point every app and trick i use is completely free.  here are the ones that cost money if you buy them: 
  • Lightroom 3.2 - has become my favorite photo manipulation app, in conjuncture with ...
  • Photomatix Pro 4.0 - HDR 
  • MS office - hate it but sometimes you just gotta have it.
  • Roxio Toast - This is a pretty ultimate burn program for everything that "burn" cant do.
As you can see I run a pretty clean ship around here?  Questions?  Comments?  Let me know.

Now here are a few problems I am still trying to find solutions for: 
  • Backups - I still need a backup solution that doesn't make me crazy...
  • Rip DVD's - Occasionally I need to rip a DVD into a good usable format, I hate everything ive used so far. (update! handbreak might do the trick .mkv might satisfy me.  ill keep testing)
  • Gmail - I use gmail exclusively and I am not satisfied with anything I have found so far.  I would like a free app that works amazingly well with gmail.  I need control over what labels and inboxes sync/download locally and i need a sound notification instantly when a new mail arrives.  Any ideas?  For now I'm just using the gmail webpage in safari with the GMail Counter extension.  Not my favorite.
And as an added little treat I decided to have "Vicki" announce to me the hour.  So far I like it, makes me laugh every time.
Bonus Tip: Spotlight can be a powerful tool if you use it.  At any time hit command+spacebar then start typing the name of a program or document or song or pretty much anything, it will find it quickly and you just have to hit enter most of the time.  Bam instant awesome.  example: i wanted to run iPhoto without having to use the mouse to click around and find it.  command+spacebar, ip+enter = magic
this is very customizable too.  i use it a lot and highly recommend it.  love. 

there ya go.  the end.



I went to a yoga class tonight.  It was completely fantastic.  Taught by Jen Ford's aunt in lehi, every wednesday night @ 7.  I'm going to try and start going every week.  Her class is free or donation only (goes to humanitarian aid).  If you are up for some yoga ill see there.

Here is the website.  Eire Yoga


This is a test

I just reloaded my mac for the first time.  Pretty painless it just takes a lifetime to do when you are being particular.  Backing up 560GB of data over USB.  Had to make sure I had all the right stuff backed up (Libraries and such).  Im using SilverKeeper to do the big data moves, its free from LACIE, I like it so far.  Then I formatted "erased" my HDD by writing zeros to it (only took 3 hours judas) Then the custom install, then the apps (I think ill write up another post after this when I get everything settled and tell you guys everything I use now and why, that should be fun)  Anyway im typing this blog mostly to test out a new safari extension called ScribeFire (not sure how old this add-on is but its new to me) So far I really like it.  Only thing that sucks is i cant upload pictures from here onto the blog unless they are already hosted.  but this is extremely simple and nice for just writing up blog posts.  

guess thats it for now.. just wanted to do a quick test while i setup my browser stuff again.


Black Strings?


nice one guys.. completely brilliant.  im so glad you are furthering science for us by making imaginary ridiculous objects in space.. somehow.. incredibly even more ridiculous.  why cant you guys do something useful like figure out the weather?


panda cheese

best commercials ever.  seriously.


time lapse video

This is beautiful.


Does your passion show through?

I love this article.  I believe in the great advice it offers.  "Find your passion first"  please read it.
from The Art of Manliness 

ps this is my 700th post on this blog.  kinda cool i guess.  I've been blogging for a long time, almost exactly 5 years.


The Cosmic Thunderbolt - 15min preview

Here is the first 15 minutes of the next episode of Dave Talbott's "Symbols of an Alien Sky" called "The Cosmic Thunderbolt"  I am really excited about it and have been looking forward to its release for a long time.  enjoy.

I have a copy of the first episode if anyone would like to see it.  And here is a link to some selections of the first episode if you are curious.


oh my fail

im sorry for laughing!!!

Glen Hansard - Sad songs

My favorite song today is:


Dear Internet

I would like to be friends with this dude.

Earth Time-Lapse

Very cool.


Best comments of 2008

Was going through my old blog posts today and reading some of the comments.  Thought it might be fun to post some of my favs from that year.  in somewhat random order here they are.

Davy J said...
So where was your camera? Was it under your perm supplies or inside a science_jector?

Ross said...
there's nothing wrong with a little Brady Bunch in your hair. My problem would be I would look more like Art Garfunkle because of my receding hair line. But maybe Art Garfunkle is hot, how would I know I'm a dude.

Davy J said...
that little bear never had a chance. it was a gummy holocaust.

Barb said...
50 copper

-- Garit said...
the only way i could ever eat a salad is if i put everything in a blender.. leave out the dressing of course and throw in some fruit or something..
in the end it tastes like lawn clippings..
which is actually better than how salad normally tastes..

Daniel T said...

Daniel T said...
hey, when did you get the new keys? Wow those keys look like the best keys you've ever had.

Daniel T said...
I hear that bridge between San Diego and Tijuana is really nice this time of year. You can stock up on chiclets and antibiotics.

Daniel T said...

Daniel T said...
Forget that boring stuff, i want more pictures of you braiding wires.

Daniel T said...
The Paul Walker myspace experiment was a raging success. No single experience has made me lose so much faith in humanity.

Daniel T said...
I would give them death threats just for wasting my time with science.

-- Garit said...
MS Paint has an eraser tool?

Daniel T said...
I totally believe you. Once I was out in the middle of a field, and I kid you not, I heard TRUMPET THUNDER!

Caleb said...
Also it should have Barack Obama and John McCain in with supernatural powers.

Caleb said...
Barack Obama and John McCain with AXES?

Bob Smith said...
Garit You're such a Delbert Sudweeks.

Davy J said...
where's middle class magneto?!

-- Garit D said...
YES! soul patch revolution!

kevone said...

Mark Nott said...
but hey, you no longer have worthless long hair

JethRobyn said...
Oh wow, Dan, that hair toss was magnificent...reow. I liked the drop spin move Branden did near the end. Awesome.

Caleb said...
why do you hate us?

-- Garit D said...
actually nothing to do with chest hair.. its all to do with freaking amazing beard skills!

-- Garit D said...
right.. except for the fact that the office makes me want to set myself on fire...
but other than that im sure youre right...

Davy J said...
Is that a picture of you in the not too distant future trying to complete your semi-imaginary boat_hover_science_jector?
The years have not been kind to you my friend.

Davy J said...
Mark my words... the second they prove the Higgs Boson I will laugh in your freaking face and make you wear a shirt that says, "My name is garit and I know nothing about science because I play with small fluffy animals."

Daniel T said...
The god particle lives! All they need is 21 million more dollars and 1.21 jiggowatts of lightning energy, and you will know the truth.

Davy J said...
Come on Garit, even if it happened in utah county, your wow goggles would be on so tight that not even light could escape from them.

Caleb said...
Umm what's up with the butt pants?

-- Garit D said...
those are not pants. they are chaps. little known fact, they are actually much better than pants. they are like super pants 2000. and for the record i was wearing a helmet in the bottom picture.. you just cant see it...
i think you guys have chaps envy. and i understand.. being the proud owner.. i can see why you would be.

Daniel T said...

-- Garit said...
well the only reason i did it was because they make you return the bottles. and they are not the normal wussy plastic bottles as i found out the hard way. they are a force to be reckoned with. able to hold in an atomic blast..
so do you think i'll die now from milk anthrax?