Science rant


that is the integer for how much more powerful Electricity is over Gravity.  that's a "1" with 27 "zeros" after it.  that is a big number.  it is obvious that space and the universe is literally filled with magnetic fields, plasmas, filaments and every other form of electricity, yet scientists and astronomers still think that gravity alone governs the structure of the universe.  that to me is more than a little ridiculous, in fact its embarrassing when you think about all the stuff they have had to invent in order to give mass and gravity enough energy to do the things we observe in space like black holes powering galaxies, neutron stars powering pulsars, dark matter/dark energy powering the big bang, it goes on and on.  All of these things are made up, fiction to save a failed model that has no relation to reality.



  1. Here is my semi-on-topic comment
    There is a great show called "Look Around You" It's a fake educational show. One of the best episodes is called "Maths" and at one point they discuss the largest number
    It's quite good and this episode is only 9 minutes long
    you might like it. I don't know, maybe not. you don't have to watch it

  2. So if electricity is so awesome, where are the hover bikes garit? Where?! You are a liar face.

  3. haha science hover horses will be here soon! haha

  4. Please define "scientists and astronomers" in more specific terms than scientists and astronomers.

  5. Everyone at NASA, anyone that has subscribed to mainstream theories in the last hundred years. What do you mean exactly? The answer is pretty much everyone. There are not a lot of professional plasma cosmologists out there.

  6. But I know DOZENS of Professional Cosmotologists. The world is so fickle, and so cruel.

    I like these thinkings, Garit. Lots of fun for my brain. Even if my saying that makes my husband want to divorce me.

  7. HA! That was very amusing! Thank you! And if i convert you to the dark side of science Im sure he could still love you. He might hate me though.

  8. 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000:1

    That is the number of people, living and dead, that think that the sun is powered by the Titan god Helios on a cosmic exercise bike. And his son Phaethon was struck down my Zeus' thunderbolt. So you see, your petty science is useless against the power of trumpet thunder.

    P.S. That was twenty-eight zeros.

  9. Nooooo! Blast you Trumpet Thunder!!!


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