music and betos

went to betos today for a wonder burrito combo platter and a medium horch.  it was what dreams are made of as usual.  today however was special.. they were playing spanish music like always but this time for some reason i started remembering some of the music i heard in bolivia.  this song came to my mind and i started to grin stupidly as i thought about it.  when i got home and listened to it for the first time in nearly a decade, i laughed out loud repeatedly.  this song is pure hilarity.  i loved it back then and just as much now.  i give you "te compro tu novia" (I'll buy your girlfriend)

i couldnt find any decent english translations and im to lazy to do it myself, (sorry) but its pretty freakin fantastic.

i think the rest of the night will be marc anthony though.  

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