about beds

i love weird beds.  maybe it has something to do with my non-conformist heart.. or maybe its somehow my parents fault?  nah its probably just me.  anyway ive slept in water beds mostly growing up, and after my mission.. mostly in hammocks.  when i moved back to lehi a while ago i slept on an air mattress.  its been almost a year sleeping on that thing.   2 weeks ago i went camping.. and took my air mattress with me (as i often do) but when i got home.. i was to tried to re-inflate it, so i slept on a plank of wood with a few blankets on top.  the next day it became an experiment to see how long i could sleep on a bed of rough particle board.  turns out i am completely fine with it.  it was just as good as the silly air mattress.  i slept on the bed of wood for just shy of 2 weeks without any discomfort.

thats all over now though.  today my room got a few upgrades.  the hammock of kings is back!

simple and perfect.  

now as you can see by the overalls.. im off for adventure.  gonna go up AF canyon for some night hike and silver lake action.  


  1. ROFL. Yes, The Mentalist DVD, pretty cool indeed.

  2. That hammock looks comfy! I've slept on a floor for 4 months and it actually doesn't feel too bad. Overalls.........ha.

  3. yes overalls! they do not mess around when it comes to adventure tiff. do you own some? if not i think its about high time.

  4. in this case....mine is bigger.


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