ive always loved liquid nitrogen

I would do this.  No doubt in my mind, I would do this.

if the video doesnt work go here (popular science)

the best fail i have seen?

not sure if its the best ive seen from the fail blog but wow.. i love this!
what did he do to make it so angry!?


Science rant


that is the integer for how much more powerful Electricity is over Gravity.  that's a "1" with 27 "zeros" after it.  that is a big number.  it is obvious that space and the universe is literally filled with magnetic fields, plasmas, filaments and every other form of electricity, yet scientists and astronomers still think that gravity alone governs the structure of the universe.  that to me is more than a little ridiculous, in fact its embarrassing when you think about all the stuff they have had to invent in order to give mass and gravity enough energy to do the things we observe in space like black holes powering galaxies, neutron stars powering pulsars, dark matter/dark energy powering the big bang, it goes on and on.  All of these things are made up, fiction to save a failed model that has no relation to reality.



about beds

i love weird beds.  maybe it has something to do with my non-conformist heart.. or maybe its somehow my parents fault?  nah its probably just me.  anyway ive slept in water beds mostly growing up, and after my mission.. mostly in hammocks.  when i moved back to lehi a while ago i slept on an air mattress.  its been almost a year sleeping on that thing.   2 weeks ago i went camping.. and took my air mattress with me (as i often do) but when i got home.. i was to tried to re-inflate it, so i slept on a plank of wood with a few blankets on top.  the next day it became an experiment to see how long i could sleep on a bed of rough particle board.  turns out i am completely fine with it.  it was just as good as the silly air mattress.  i slept on the bed of wood for just shy of 2 weeks without any discomfort.

thats all over now though.  today my room got a few upgrades.  the hammock of kings is back!

simple and perfect.  

now as you can see by the overalls.. im off for adventure.  gonna go up AF canyon for some night hike and silver lake action.  


music and betos

went to betos today for a wonder burrito combo platter and a medium horch.  it was what dreams are made of as usual.  today however was special.. they were playing spanish music like always but this time for some reason i started remembering some of the music i heard in bolivia.  this song came to my mind and i started to grin stupidly as i thought about it.  when i got home and listened to it for the first time in nearly a decade, i laughed out loud repeatedly.  this song is pure hilarity.  i loved it back then and just as much now.  i give you "te compro tu novia" (I'll buy your girlfriend)

i couldnt find any decent english translations and im to lazy to do it myself, (sorry) but its pretty freakin fantastic.

i think the rest of the night will be marc anthony though.  


this is awesome

adam showed me this and i love everything about it.  everything.


New blog project

Me and Jen Ford started a new blog called "Quote War 2010"  its pretty much a back n forth of our favorite quotes.  Mine are mostly scientific as you might guess.  But they are all really good so far.  Its been fun and I think we will do this for a long time.

Let me know what you think.. or if you want to be a contributor.


human car

this is amazing.  i love the idea of human powered cars!  this thing can get up to 60mph apparently.


a perfect moment.

a plate full of homemade rolls and gravy, and a key lime pie yogurt.  this moment is perfect.


lightning and brooke fraser

first of all this is her brand new single.. like only minutes old.

and i just got done trying to chase some lightning
the window with the light on is my room =)


tonights music

the civil wars' "poison & wine" EP is fine company tonight.

poison & wine


pressing flowers

tips of my tongue