summer solace

today was great day.  started with an extended motorcycle ride.  then lunch with dan at wallaby's.  they were having some kind of anniversary deal where a plate of food was only 2 bucks.  so that was a totally random score.  then spent some time in work meetings, had fun talking to friends.  eventually came home to a nice little summer thunder storm.

drawn outside by what could have been supernatural powers, i walked into the night
i found myself walking in the middle of the road and straight into the storm
summer storms hold a special childlike power over me
there is just something magic about it, something ethereal
 such terrible noise, such terrible power
i can think of few things more beautiful
intensely terrifying yet equally attractive
mysterious to all, understood by few
it harbors a very unique set of emotions
and its all kinds of awesome to me
but tonight it was simply
a summer solace


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