thoughts on sunburn

  • not exactly the most pleasant thing in the world but..
  • it does remind me how im not cold, at all.  which is great.  i was starting to get incalculably tired of being cold.
  • thats about it i guess.

so we just had an ultimate man camp out for dan's bachelor party.  it was phenomenal.  there was about ten of us.  we drove out to the west desert up to Scranton.  searched for old abandoned mines and caves.  there was no end to the guns and ammo.  and the food was glorious.  there was an over abundance of laughter and good fun.  also i think there was an election of sorts and a mayor was chosen.

easily the best bachelor party ever.  grats dan.  get all the pics here.


  1. That sounds awesome! Sometimes I want to be a boy.

  2. thanks for putting together something so epically awesome for our boy, G. I am but a mere pleasant addition to the already wicked good folks in Dan's life. oh, and thanks for getting him home in one piece and dignity intact hahahha. ~L


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