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i know its also in the side bar but i wanted to post it here anyway.


  1. Reminds me of way back when, when i was volunteering you to tumble out of a plane with me: [btw i would still 100% be game for!]

    [1/23/2010 5:22:13 AM] Jessica: like when i went to germany
    [1/23/2010 5:22:37 AM] Jessica: drop us off when we hit the snow and dogsled it the rest of the way
    [1/23/2010 5:22:38 AM] Ball Lightning: oh yeah! hahah gosh
    [1/23/2010 5:22:55 AM] Jessica: parachute out and they just drop our cargo out of the plane
    [1/23/2010 5:22:59 AM] Ball Lightning: i forgot about your first plane ride.. lol
    [1/23/2010 5:23:18 AM] Ball Lightning: yeah.. very double oo 7
    [1/23/2010 5:24:22 AM] Jessica: we'll hook cameras to our hats so we can first person video tape it all
    [1/23/2010 5:24:35 AM] Ball Lightning: perfect!
    [1/23/2010 5:25:17 AM] Jessica: if i randomly come a knockin' some day
    [1/23/2010 5:25:30 AM] Ball Lightning: =)
    [1/23/2010 5:25:32 AM] Jessica: grab your adventurers satchel
    [1/23/2010 5:25:38 AM] Ball Lightning: haha
    [1/23/2010 5:25:49 AM] Ball Lightning: hmm im gonna need a sturdy satchel

    The most important part: bringing a sturdy satchel.

  2. -.-;; When i previewed that, it definitely included a scrollbox so my comment wouldn't devour your comment space. My apologies are plenty.


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