i just saw a-team with my dad.  entertainment value was on par with iron man 2.  absolutely enjoyed the heck out of it.  that is all.


portal 2 preview


new look

im playing with a new look, been looking into a more modern/fancy design.  this is my 30 second attempt.  ill probably change more later.

The cosmic thunderbolt preview part II

i am so excited for this!


another summer trip concludes

couple days in moab where mother nature tried to kill us.  then a week in powell.  now im home with a well earned cup of homemade egg nog in my hand.

pictures and vids forthcoming.


thoughts on sunburn

  • not exactly the most pleasant thing in the world but..
  • it does remind me how im not cold, at all.  which is great.  i was starting to get incalculably tired of being cold.
  • thats about it i guess.

so we just had an ultimate man camp out for dan's bachelor party.  it was phenomenal.  there was about ten of us.  we drove out to the west desert up to Scranton.  searched for old abandoned mines and caves.  there was no end to the guns and ammo.  and the food was glorious.  there was an over abundance of laughter and good fun.  also i think there was an election of sorts and a mayor was chosen.

easily the best bachelor party ever.  grats dan.  get all the pics here.


out with the old in with the new (camera)

a few days ago my sister was in town and she let me play with her new camera.  it was a panasonic and i was blown away with how it was so much more advanced than my canon SD630.  i didnt think my camera was so old and obsolete already.  so of course it got me all itchy to upgrade mine.  i was so impressed with her panasonic and others i had seen in magazines that i thought i would finally switch from canon to another brand.

soon my old camera was put on craigslist/ksl and then i got down to some serious research.  i narrowed it down to a panasonic lumix TS2 (because its impervious to damage, including water and dropping it, and thats just cool) and the more advanced canon powershot S90.

after staying up all night reading all the info out there on the internets i decided on the amazing S90.  mostly for these features:

  • shoots in RAW (this is perfect for doing HDR)
  • amazing low light capabilities
  • full manual controls
  • awesome control dials! one on the front lens and a small one on the back!
really this thing is just packed full of high end bells and whistles.  it gives you great control and every picture just looks amazing.  i am very impressed.

ive only had it for a few hours so im still getting the hang of it but here are a few test pics.

and here is my first attempts at HDR 

the first two are green.. i explained it here.