the voice

today was a good day.  had some family over for a movie and peach cobbler.  went and saw my sisters new car.  that was pretty exciting.  im gonna try and post a video of what the car looks like soon.

but.. most importantly.  today megan showed me this song.  i guess its been around a while but it was a haunting first time for me.  sometimes im really impressed by music and i absolutely love when that happens.  it would be very easy for me to listen to this song all night.  what a perfect voice!  and even more impressive, how it melts so perfectly into that violin!  i can not say enough good things about it.  anyway i was so impressed with it that i downloaded 4 albums and a DVD which im excited to explore.

makes me wonder if Ireland is just filled with beautiful women with perfect pipes.  if so.. i might be moving there soon ;)


  1. Dude! You have no idea! I love these ladies. Even learning a song on the uke for my Mom for Mother's Day. The violinist is effing fierce!

  2. dude , if you move to ireland , you will miss them they are from scotland.


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