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i can already tell this is not what im looking for so i probably wont be buying it after my trial runs out.   but here we go anyway, in my favorite quick blog format!  Bullets!


  • i love the word "panache" and i feel its not used enough in day to day speech.
  • i figured out how to kill the mac boot up sound (yes i do realize this is useful for when you are having posting problems, but i couldnt care less.  i hate it.  it is now dead) go here if you feel the same way i do about it.
  • i had an interesting and sudden realization the other day while talking to adam.  i think we were talking about cool places to eat in SLC.  he said something like "you would love it here" and i realized i had never actually considered moving to Salt Lake.  honestly ive avoided the whole salt lake county my entire life.  i hate finding my way around it.  im not a fan of getting lost and being frustrated about expensive or non-existant parking.  however the walls i had erected all seemed to come crashing down.  my reasoning suddenly seemed ridiculous and all i could imagine were plusses and possibilities.  it all seemed to make sense.  so now i want to move there.  if i could i would.  the end.
  • they came out with a new way to jailbreak, its called spirit and it apparently works with all devices and all versions.  sounds easy.  you should try it out if you have been curious about jailbreaking.  its probably never been easier.  (make a backup just in case)
  • yesterday i went to a BBQ and made a pretty ultimate half pound teriyaki spam burger.  i was surprised at how good it turned out.  it was massive.
  • iron man 2 is a freaking good movie.


i am now going to add some random pictures just to see how easy this program can add pics.  enjoy.


one day im going to build some awesome bikes.  i swear it.

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