• life is interesting.  one minute you think you have it all figured out.. and the next you get your face rocked and you realize you dont know jack about anything.
  • its been an interesting few years.. its been an interesting life.  when i think about it, i never know what to make of it.  i can never draw any conclusions.
  • bricks.  
  • i think im going crazy.. sometimes i randomly smell lemon pastries.  
  • i wish i could play music.
  • life has been really confusing lately.  these last few years have had more general confusion than the rest of my life combined.  
  • i bought a mac.  its a computer.  and its far from a magical perfect device.  it frustrates me.. a lot.. but so far its frustrating me a little less than other computers and operating systems ive had.  which may or may not be a big deal.
  • my specialty audio cable came in the mail today and as i was all excited to get it hooked up, i was being extra careful, as i usually am around my audio stuff and various electronics.  i bent over my amplifier to start hooking things up and nearly pressed my head against the outside window in my room.  at that critical moment the earth decided to give me a titanic crash of thunder and lightning right in my unsuspecting face.  it scared me so bad i could feel the physical effect of fear in my shoulders for several minutes afterwards.  it was absolutely amazing.  ive not heard or felt anything like that in years!  so im taking it as a sure sign that this will be a good year for thunder storms.  and also as a general sign of good luck.  you think me silly?  good.
  • lasers.
  • if i dont eat a jaydawg soon im seriously gonna freak out.
  • im still avoiding certain things due to extreme disinterest.
  • PETA.. i still loathe your existence.
  • im listening to amy macdonald right now??
  • a lot of things have changed.  things i have valued and thought of as important are now merely an afterthought.   im probably still a freak though.  
  • plodding continues 

update: tomorrow avatar comes out on blu-ray.  im going to watch it.  there will be a fantastic 2 1/2 hour void wherein nothing in the universe will exist but avatar.  im looking forward to that.

also: good luck in vegas tomorrow jana!


  1. I will be purchasing said blu-ray today at walmart. the blu-ray/dvd combo pack is going for $20. A really decent way to spend $20 i'd say.

  2. Couple things:

    a) Also had a humbling "I don't know anything" experience this week. Amazing, isn't it?
    b) I am watching Jurassic Park and I am pleased.
    c) The ukulele is easy to play. I highly recommend taking it up! Ridiculous satisfaction.
    c) Thunder and lightning in your effing face?! Man is it gonna be a great year for Ballsy!
    d) That is all, ..........for now. Muahahaha!

  3. So now that the summer is over I can say that I was indeed prophetic in saying that this summer would be a good one. Best thunder storms in YEARS and a very lucky summer.

    Thanks Lightning! I hope I get a face full of lightning in april every year now!


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