ventura fricken highway

i have an epic story to tell you.  6, yes 6 years ago i heard someone play an old song on the guitar i recognized.  later i heard it again somewhere and decided i really liked the sound of it.  had a cool guitar sound, the vocals were pretty epic for the time im guessing.  im not really a fan of anything older than the 80's but once in a while i come across a song i can love.

anyway.  that was a pretty busy time of my life and i soon forgot the experience.  actually thats not true.. i just forgot the name of the blasted song.  which aggravated me for quite some time.  6 years in fact.

i tried to figure it out by asking around but it was pretty hopeless.  all i could hold onto was a barely recognizable, general guitar sound and maybe a lyric or two.  once or twice by some sort of music miracle someone actually knew the song i was talking about but could not give me a name of the band or song.

i didnt really try much harder than that.  asking around once in a while and keeping my ears pealed was about as far as i was willing to go.. but it still bugged me for all this time.

fastworward till today.  my mom and me ran a few errands.  i picked up some banana bread and a chicken noodle soup in a sourdough bread bowl from neaders and then we went over to the nearby jimmy johns and sat down for lunch.

they happened to be playing music hits from the 70's while we were there.  i heard the song thats been in my head for the last 6 years and asked my mom.  "do you know this song?"  "america - ventura highway" she says.

like it was no big deal!?

mystery solved.  thanks mom.


  1. Ha! If only I'd known of your torture. I am a walking encyclopedia of oldies trivia. I too, enjoy that song. But my question is why would you get food from kneaders and eat it at jimmy johns?

  2. thats true i should have come to you right away. jimmy johns does not have a meatball sandwich or any kind of breakfast sandwich.. which means they have absolutely nothing i desire.

  3. I have that song on vinyl. ha!


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