my first mac related post

well since im a "mac guy" now might as well start posting some mac related info.  ive had my mac for a little while now.  ive gotten to know it a bit and even made it better.  here is a list of things ive done so far.

must have's, must do's:

  • first and most important (if you have a magic mouse) BTT (BetterTouchTool) will turn your magic mouse into the ultimate mouse of pwn.  in my opinion they should have done something like this from the beginning.  its crippled with out it.  this will add all kinds of functionality to your touch pad as well as your magic mouse.  it is awesome.  cant say it enough.
  • TinkerTool adds some good functionality (especially to safari) and it kind of reminds me of TweakUI for windows.  i like how it makes my dock look sexy.
  • i hate itunes so a ran into a problem with the media keys on the keyboard always starting up an unwelcomed itunes session.  the best fix i could find is to just let quicktime run in the background (wish there was something better but this works ok).  then my media keys will run VLC (what i use for music, its an absolute must for all computers by the way linux, mac and windows) like a champ.  i should also mention perian here.  i use it a lot.
  • toast is a given i dont think i even need to talk about it.
  • flip4mac is good one to have if you ever need to use a website with microsoft silverlight (which i do [sipsorcery.com]) this should do the trick and also allows you to play windows media stuff i think.
  • holy piss this wind is insane!  i feel like my bedroom window is going to burst and im going to die a horrible glass filled death!  12:40am
  • ommwriter holy crap what a great program.  i write everything in this.  i absolutely love it.
  • adium with growl is what i use for chat
  • appcleaner is great for a more complete way of uninstalling apps
  • last but not least is skitch i absolutely love and recommend this one.  its so great and simple.  
  • actually thats not the last one.  mobile air mouse is a great app for using an iphone or ipod as a mouse and keyboard for both windows and mac computers.  probably the best one out there.  i use the free version but the paid version is even better.
  • i like utorrent the most for mac and windows
  • burn is free and great
  • bodega or appfresh is probably useful but i dont know which is better yet for keeping your apps and computer up to date.
oops.  i was gonna break up that list into categories.. but.. well there it is anyway.

sidenote: today ive decided im going to use tumblr instead of twitter but ill still post to twitter through tumblr.  its just way to cool and way way better imo.  so anyway ill be dumping things that dont end up here.. on there.

i think that about wraps it up.  and for all those of you who dont give a crap about mac.. enjoy this little 2 min preview of all the movies coming out this summer =)

thanks for reading


  1. Garit, you make me sick and disgusted with myself. I have had Macs for about a year and a half now, currently the supercharged Macbook Pro 13" for ease of transportation, but what makes me so disappointed with myself is that you have had your iMac (gorgeous by the way) for a couple weeks and you have already found and organized more useful and awesome programs/software/shareware for your machine in that 2 weeks than I have in the whole year and a half... I officially suck and concede to your greatness. Thank you dearly for posting this and I really really hope you will continue to post you findings as you continue to find cool shit for your Mac so I can RSS your blog and get the latest from your opinions (which I trust 100%). Anywho, I have tried to sift through Macrumors but with all the dialogue I hate sifting through the different opinions and not knowing who they are that are offering them I have a difficult time lending much trust to them. I LOVE the way you itemized and sumarized your list and thoughts. I like this relationship; you do the homework and post your findings, then I just do what you recommend without having to research it too much myself and benefit from your hard work. Yes, I think this is going to work out beautifully. Thank you for embracing the light...the celestial white apple, the fruit of the tree of life, that is the most precious and desirable to make one happy and sweet above all.

    Thank you my friend!

  2. haha! thanks man. ill keep you updated on crap im doing. what will make you freak though is the fact that i downloaded most of that stuff before i even got my mac (since i ordered it from the website i had a few days to wait for it to get here)


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