the future of computing

here is a very interesting acrticle stemming from job's recent statement "thoughts on flash"

i cant say i know what computers will be like in 5 years and i cant say i agree with everything in this article but it does have some very interesting points.

ive never liked wireless but i can see it being more widly used than broadband in the future.

as long as speed and connectivity are never an issue, i really like the idea of cloud computing as well.  never having to do backups?  never losing data because of hardware failure or your house burning down or theft?  having your data follow you whever you go?  awesome.  i would do it right now except its ridiculously expensive for the amount of data i have and internet speed a reliability is not nearly good enough for me yet.

devices like the iphone and ipad squashing all other computers?  i can see what everyone is getting at here.  in some ways i think there is a great need to simpliy things.  for example, i have over 10,000 photos on my computer (over 20gig's worth) and i have completely given up on organizing that mess.  there is no tool i have found that will do it for me.  i have made several valiant attempts, but i always end up abandoning it, and usually making it worse in the process.  not having to deal with a filesystem at all?  the idea almost brings tears of joy.  could it really squash all other computers though?  i think it could.  could it happen anytime soon?  i really really doubt it.  but that doesnt mean google and apple are not going to try to shove it down our throats.

its kind of exciting.  you cant deny that it feel like big things are happening.  i just hope i dont have to sacrifice to much for "the better future" ive never liked being a sheep in the technology world.  or in any world for that matter.

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