you never know when it will happen

just minding your own business.  doing some online research.  studying this and that.  learning how to use gimp.  (its like a free linux version of photoshop)  Here is my first attempt at a new header for my photo blog dont laugh at me!!

anyway before you know it youve stumbled onto some new music and youve stayed up till 4am bouncing from song to song and artist to artist.  feeling happy and content to be alive.

im so glad people out there share their music with everyone.  like this gal Lauren O'Connell for example.  listen to this song even though its a noisy low quality recording, the song itself it fantastic!  here is one where she plays a banjo with a violin bow!  cool eh?

and here is an original idea called "videosongs" so fun to watch!

heres a fun one

did i say 4am?  i guess its more like 5:00am  =)

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