more random thoughts

this is gonna be a post of random word vomit...

-i feel myself slowly gravitating towards wanting to make cool videos as well as pictures.  i know im a long way off still but i can feel it happening.

-i watched alice in wonderland in 3D today.  which was my first time watching a full length movie in 3D.  herein are my thoughts: i decided that i like 3D.  however, i think its not good enough yet.  its too blurry and distracting a lot of the time.  obviously i dont know why it is the way it is.  perhaps they dont know how to make it any better?  or they do it on purpose for some other reason?  i like the idea.. but its not better than a normal film yet.  and i think anyone whose buying 3D tv's right now are crazy.

-watching that movie made me think about memorizing poems in 5th grade.  weird i know but its relevant i swear.  in 5th grade mr.jacobsen made us memorize a handful of poems as well as other things.  "the jabberwocky" was one such poem.  it was fun to remember lines from the poem as they were said in the movie.  also it was somewhat startling to see this image after watching the film.  i must have stared at this pictured for hours and hours in 5th grade.

-science is cool.  and sometimes lasers make it even more cool.

-id like to live in a house where all the rooms and hallways do this at random intervals.

-how would you like this to land in your back yard?  it happens more often than you would think.  chicken little may not have been as crazy as you thought.

-some cultures are different than ours.  here is proof.

-this is why i love the show "time warp".  a tv show i would have made myself given enough time.  i have so many ideas for this show.  i think about crap like this all the time.  am i weird?  probably.  ive watched this a hundred times.. and i keep watching it.  it will never stop being interesting.

-i think this is great, for reasons not so much having to do with the philosophy said in here but more so to do with the fact they he made a freaking knife on a freaking anvil.  the more i think about it the more awesome it is.

-and this blog would just not be complete unless i made fun of NASA for wasting time and money looking for fictional objects.  what is it this time?  black holes?  no.. but this is almost just as ridiculous.  the oort cloud.  its just not gonna happen guys.  sorry.

there ya go.  thats a good little wrap up of recent events.  

***EDIT***  oops one more thing.  i just want to let you know that i want a "vorpal blade" and i also forgot to mention the coolest part about the movie alice in wonderland.  the jabberwocky has LIGHTNING BREATH!!!  i wish i had lightning breath.... 

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  1. I totally agree about the current state of 3D movies. Excellent "wordvomit"


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