a few random things

lets start out with an LHC update. stop youre moaning.. i dont care if youre sick of hearing me talk about it =) so it turns out that the copper stabilizers all need to be upgraded. why?  cuz they think the whole thing will blow up if the turn it on to full power.  how much will this cost? probably a retarded amount. when will they do it? 2 years from now. what will they do till then? NOTHING!!!!!!!!! they will run at half power for the next 2 years then take it off line to do the upgrades. who knows how long it will take to do that. im guessing at least a year.. maybe a couple. so we are a LONG ways away before we find out it was all a big waste of time and money.  oops!  so are we seeing how retarded this all is yet?   good.

posted a new dream in the dream blog.

posted a bunch of new quotes in the quote blog.  (but i really dont think it would be interesting to most of you =)

if any of you are interested in the following: astronomy, anthropology, human history, world history, sociology, physics and especially mythology, then i have a dvd you need to see.  let me know and ill get you a copy.  its amazingly interesting and i doubt any of you have seen anything like it.

whats that?  you want some more science?  well alright then.  did you know that aurora's have been detected on mars' south pole?  yeah interesting, thats what i thought too.  oh and by the way, mars does not have a global magnetic field like earth does.  as in none.  so yes.. thats very interesting...

i know at least most of these are real but i cant be sure they all are.  beautiful though eh?

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