reloaded my computer again

i reload my computer a lot.  i would bet more often than anyone who will ever read this.  why?  perhaps im crazy.  i have a lot of reasons for reloading my computer (by the way that means erasing everything on the computer and starting over from scratch).  i dont use any anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall or any security software.  and i always disable all the built in security that comes with the operating system.  i cant even be bothered with updates of any kind.  why?  for the speed.  the blinding speed and performance.  there is nothing more awesome than a computer that is unrestrained by all the bull out there.  could i get a virus?  absolutely.  am i worried?  not at all.  if something bad happens ill just reload again.  not a big deal.  id rather have an awesomely fast yet vulnerable computer over a slow and mostly broken computer than still wont protect you from everything computer any day my friends.

as soon as i notice anything acting even the smallest bit glitchy or slow or suspicious i reload.  if everything has been running flawlessly for a couple months straight.. i reload.  anyway i think its a good practice.  it forces you to keep you backups updated as well.  which you all dont do but should right?

its interesting to think that my digital life consists of 260 gigabytes of music photos and other data.  and it takes about 3 hours to move it back n forth from my hard drive and external backup.  a year ago it was only 177 gigs.  a year before that it was only 80.

and this may be the most boring thing ive ever put on my blog.  wow.  my next post will be way more exciting i promise.  =(

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