a recent pic

this was taken today.  just thought id throw up a recent pic and say a few words. 
  • ive been craving fried rice in a way that can only be described as "savage"
  • ive taken up the "i want to take more pictures" crusade again... we will see how that goes
  • i would much like to see avatar again but in a 3D IMAX kind of way
  • im currently listening to "the best of toto 2 cd set" which means i still love 80's
  • yesterday i spend a few hours at reference audio and learned about media monkey and so far i love it
  • i also learned that i officially want a cinemascope projector with an anamorphic lens
  • i may someday build such a projector
  • i may also build some sweet bookshelf type speakers for my computer (soon) with ribbon tweeters.
  • its hard to find good books.  which is why im happy to have found the mistborn books. love em so far.
  • ok getting a little sick of toto.....
  • im excited for warm weather (yes i know its still far away)
  • im still sleeping on an air mattress.  its funny how i seem to prefer weird and cheap beds always.
  • lately my dreams are more spacebound than earthbound.  is that weird?
  • im still trying to think of a way to give my life whilst also destroying PETA in the process. 
  • i think they need to reinvent socks.  something that does the job but is more comfortable.
  • ive been itching to post another Science Rant blog.. so look out.
  • ok had to switch from toto to country.. sorry guys.
  • i intend to make a "before i die" list but ill probably die before i actually make it.
  • goji berry juice is amazingly tasty
  • i want to learn tai chi, shaolin kung fu and yoga.  i am not ashamed.


  1. Garit, just so you know we think about you a lot. We miss your stinking guts!! I hope everything going well for you.

  2. aw you guys are nice. thanks for thinking of me. things are as well as they can be. last night i dreamed i got stung by a bee.

    ok im done being silly.

  3. Oh Garit! Let's go get fried rice and watch avatar. That'd be fun. :)


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