random phone memo

so i used to write stuff down in my phone all the time. stuff like music i needed to download or things i needed to buy, sometimes funny things i wanted to remember. just a lot of random stuff. well i was going through some of my notes in there and found this one. i have no idea how long ago it was.. sometimes i put dates on entries and sometimes i dont.. this one didnt have a date. anyway.. apparently some time ago i found my self listening to "basshunter" at 2am. i didnt even remember what basshunter was so i looked through some of my music and found this..

so.. thats funny enough. why was i listening to this garbage? and furthermore.. why in the world would i write it down in my phone so that i could remember that i did it!? i must be the weirdest person i know.

but it gets even better. the entry goes on to say that the next morning i woke up with this completely random unrelated song vividly in my head.

vanessa carlton - paint it black

is that messed up or what?!?


  1. Sitting on a car moving that fast is cool... unsafe, but cool!

  2. Maybe you went through a 2 minute 24 second phase of liking bad techno.... Vanessa Carlton was so offended that she had to purge it from your mind. She just didn't get to your phone.

  3. i have no idea why this happened.


Thanks for the comments.