one of those silly facebook applications

so i got on fb for a few seconds today and ended up taking one of those silly quizes to see what the theme song of my life would be.  it was probably the worst spamy awful application ive ever seen on there but i got through it and eventually found the results.... which was...

and then i immediately blocked the application. 

this is not that bad of a song.. but my life's theme song?  probably not.  then i started thinking about what would be a more accurate theme song for me.  it got out of hand pretty quickly.  i ended up with 33 songs.  i think id be happy with any of these.  you may not understand why some of these are in this list but assure you they all have a reason hah!  so here they are in random order:

  1. *** HUGE Language Warning ***
  2. *** Language Warning ***
  3. this one may be my top pick
  4. this list just wouldnt be complete with out this song
  5. ** Language Warning **

if you have problems loading this page just keep refreshing (hit F5) and it helps to scroll down the list slowly and it should eventually all get there.

i had a lot of fun making this. enjoy.


  1. brilliant list, mate. i love it. maybe not the Paula Abdul, but I LOVE the Beverly Hills Cop sdtrk.

  2. yeah the song is actually called "Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer" ive always loved it.

  3. This list is amazing. My compliments on your music taste from Groban to Whitney to Songs with a language barrier. Yet another reason to love you! You're racking them up Bra!

  4. tiff, i really like you =) thanks for always being kind to me.


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