my favorite photographer

would like to introduce you to my favorite photographer Li Wei.  All his photos are real.  Meaning not doctored in anyway.  Tricky yes but not altered. 


click here for a slideshow with more photos. 

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  1. These are out of control... but like 'waking up super early and realizing it's Saturday and you can go back to sleep out of control'. Ummm... yeah, so a good/great/awesome thing. =) Amazing talent in those photos. Long story, but one of my former customers gave me a gift... a camera... Nikon D60. I was showing her some pictures I took on my cell phone and she decided I needed a camera. Pretty wild. This is getting long winded.. anyway...I am so excited to learn how to use it! It's a-ma-za-zing. =) And although now our posts are back and forth in odd spots and I'm not sure I'll ever find them again...(I'm challenged... but it's cool, right?)... I think we should be music friends too. Yep.


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