Iron Man 2 and the new spiderman

so i found out today that this image will appear in Iron Man 2.

Its a small cameo/easter egg. This is one of the villains from the Iron Man story. Kind of an alien dragon dude named "Fin Fang Foom" Kind a fun. So watch for it in the new movie coming out.

Also this guy has been offered the new spider man role for the new next 3 movie reboot.

Jim Sturgess


  1. It's funny that they think that Spider-Man needs a re-boot. But whatever, they'll make money.

  2. actually. spiderman and x-men need a reboot i think. i wouldnt mind if everything was on par with hulk and iron-man.

    i love movies and im mostly glad to get what i can get. that said. a lot of things disappointed me in spiderman and x-men. so i dont care how many "re-tries" happen. when they get it right.. ill buy it on blu-ray =)

  3. I concur. Spider-Man needs a reboot. 3 was absolutely terrible. Let's see a Christopher Nolan-style reboot of a series and we'll be begging for more!

  4. i believe the director thats been given the next 3 movies is the same guy that did 500 days of summer. never saw that movie nor do i know anything about the director. /shrug.

  5. Given everything that it does right, it is somewhat disappointing that Iron Man doesn't quite fly to the stratosphere.


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