2 confessions

Firstly and simply, I really want to date a woman with a voice like:
  1. Mindy Smith
  2. Martina McBride
  3. Missy Higgins
And lastly, I really hate how popular zombie movies are.  It seems like the internet is full of zombie everything.  The zombie concept is just going way to far, the nerd world is absolutely brimming with it.  Im sick of it.  I dont like any zombie movies or zombie themed anything.  Its never been funny or interesting to me at all.  I could post a million examples but im not going to.  I just cant even handle it.

thats all.


  1. Hey man! You damn well know the resident evil movies are good.

  2. i admit that ive never seen any of em. however they seem slightly cooler than the normal zombie crud out there.


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