sometimes i wish i had a different life.  maybe instead of fixing computers for the last 12 years i coulda been doing stuff like this..

An introduction to falconry

This is for you dan.


who knew biff was so funny?


a music exercise

music is great for a lot of things.  for example daft punk is great for many situations but it seems to excel in the area of  running/jogging/gym.  when youre in a good mood and want to have a vocal rock out session.. i believe journey will never let you down.  the're are many examples.  but..

when was the last time you had a truly quiet moment and devoted it entirely to music.  its probably been a while.  you may have completely forgotten how this is properly done.  so here we go lets make it happen.  i mean truly quiet here so lets turn off all your tech, that means tv, cell phone, microwave, washer and dryer and any other infernal blasted beeping machine.  now turn your brain off.  this will be the hard par.  forget all your problems, worries and stress.  ladies this will be particularly hard for you since youve probably never had a single quiet moment in your busy little heads your entire life but give it a try anyway. 

once you've turned off the world.. hit this button and close your eyes.  give in to it completely.

***now most of you probably dont have amazing sound systems hooked up to your computers so it might be a good idea to go grab the best headphones you can find.***


starts filming in june...

just thought you should know  =)


i love music

i wish i could sit in a room with a giant window overlooking a lake in the mountains and listen to music for the rest of my life.  today i bought a cd.  and then i got home i downloaded twenty more cd's.  music is such a powerful spark in the brain.  sometimes i cant help but stay up all night and listen.  sometimes to vastly different genres back to back.  sometimes to one cd for hours.  sometimes one single song will hold sway over me for hours on end.  i love how it enlivens the imagination and empowers life.  there are so many things i wish i could do...

30 seconds to mars is a favorite tonight.  check em out.

ps i want to see avatar again.



loved it.

i almost dont want to say anything else about it.  but i guess i will.  the movie was neat.  i related to it in a way most people didnt.  its my understanding that james cameron has been wanting to make this movie for like 20 years or so but couldn't do it with the tech available at the time.  so for him the long time dream finally came true and he got to share it with the world.  i bet thats a cool feeling.  im pretty sure this was the most expensive film in history.  when you factor in all the advertising i think it comes to something in the range of 200 - 500 million.  anyway.. the movie was neat because it was like stepping into someone else' dream.  to me thats very cool.  i am a dreamer.  i would love to be able to share something epic like that. 

i recommend seeing this movie on a digital screen in your favorite theater.  try to pick a time when no one else will be there, especially children and noisy high school kids.  Or,.. wait till it comes to blu-ray and watch it at home in a dark room with no distractions and really let your imagination go.  That is the best way I can think of to enjoy this film. just be a kid again for a few hours.

or if your name is dan jackson.. skip the movie and just watch some sports instead..
to everyone else i completely recommend seeing avatar.  =)

my dream home

this one is cool too



a mild crush on Mélanie Laurent is still in effect.


somewhere over the rainbow

meet iz. he sings a great song.


life finds a way..

..to quote jurassic park. anyway i find myself talking to people on this subject all the time. you find life everywhere you least expect it. the planet has a pretty incredibly diverse population of life. and if you take a look at some of earths most hostile living conditions.. chances are you will still find it teaming with life.

take a look at this article entitled "Top Ten Places Where Life Shouldn't Exist... But Does"

i would like to make a statement

by posting this video i only want to express a couple things...

first: japanese is obviously the coolest language on the planet. period. nothing even comes close.

second: some of the coolest and perhaps most messed up stuff comes from japan.

now i also want to say that i dont know anything about final fantasy. ive never played the games and i dont know any of the story lines so im not trying to advertise the game. however.. i will say this. they sound amazing on a good theater system. and im talking speakers with lots of watts pumped into em.

final statement: ive decided that when i die nothing would be more comforting than to hear a japanese voice usher me through the heavens. either a soft woman's voice or a gruff samurai voice. that would be the greatest thing ever. i dont even care if i understand what they are saying. if i die and see a dude in full samurai armor shouting long sentences at me and pointing to a gate.. that would be more than sufficient.

the antikythera mechanism

saw this today and thought it was interesting.  it is pretty amazing what people were able to do over two thousand years ago.

part 1


part 2