One of the greater feelings in life...

There is just nothing quite like going for a ride on your motorcycle in flips and a swimsuit.. with a big shotgun on your back. It makes you feel a whole new "alive"

Hardware guide

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something in my closet

so the other day i woke up with some heartburn related chest pain and had to sit up an prop myself against the wall. from my posistion on my bed i was looking straight into my closet.

i was almost immediately disturbed by what i saw lurking there...
he never spoke a word to me.  and i was almost disappointed.  almost...


My dad doing his thing at work
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"Man Night" - A glorious victory!

so today branden's car battery died and we decided to have an official "Man Night" and work on our vehicles.  it started with properly placed jumper cables and a trip to walmart.  only items true to a "Man Night" we purchased.  such as:

  • motor oil
  • customizable licence plate cover
  • 2 rubber floor mats depicting shadowy dragons and fiery skulls! 
  • misc. car repair items

then we spent the next few hours doing some well earned manly twisting of rusty bolts and what not.  we didnt stop till it was after dark and we were covered in grease and mosquito bitten.

of course a proper "Man Night" needs a hearty meal!  the night would not be complete without a trip to a local betos!