id really like to see these at a public pool haha



the last airbender

if you've not seen it yet...



ok ok ok!

Steve fricken jobs got a liver transplant.. yeah i get it.. now leave my internets alone.. no one gives a crap...


im sorry for posting this video...

...but i just cant stop myself. besides the fact that i lost count of how many times they metion the word "genitals" its actually pretty interesting. I want this chair!


Lunch time!

walmart chicken bonanza!


windows 7 torture test

for reasons i dont even understand.. ive decided to give windows 7 another test. this test is a test of endurance. im downloading the 3GB windows 7 dvd .iso again as we speak. im going to install it and use it as a main operating system till this time next saturday. i will try and make a post each day of the week with my experiences. i realize that this is not a final version of it but im probably going to make some final decisions about it once and for all a week from now.

wish me luck.


spiderman 4

today i heard U2 might score the new spiderman movie. and i bet you thought they couldnt make spiderman suck any worse. wrong. it can get much much worse.

cool music video

but the song is not that great


Snow Leopard vs Windows 7

Branden sent me this. Its very good I thought!


scientology update

just wanted to let everyone know that wikipedia has decided to BAN all the crazy moron scientologists and their IP addresses and the IP addresses of their associates. HAH! and in case no one knows it already.. here is a quote from scientology's author -- L. Ron Hubbard stated that in reality, "there is no Heaven and there was no Christ." click here to read up on their core beliefs. and get some popcorn while your at it.


another browser

lots of browser action lately!  this time its apple's safari  version 4 beta.  good first impressions.  it is fast.  in fact in my own little side by side tests with chrome it seemed a little faster.  i like the tool bars a little better than chrome (as far as size goes.. its only slightly less space than chrome.  i like a very compact toolbar area.)  i also like the "top sites" (new tab) screen.  i like how fast everything loads and that there is no extra click needed to activate flash objects (unlike opera /sadface)  i did have to change a few options to get things how i like.  oh and the spellcheck i thought was snappy and nice.

now heres what i hate:

  • scrolling is painfully slow compared to chrome.  for this reason alone i wont use safari.  
  • i dont like how page titles dont change to let you know whats going on in the window.
  • you cant move tabs around at all.
  • i need more options and customization for the toolbars and interface!
note: im sure speeding up the mouse wheel scrolling is an easy hack but i dont know how to hack it.

conclusion: indeed they made a speedy browser that can compete with chrome.  it lacks a lot of features though.  the scrolling is hard for me to deal with.  like impossible.  so im still using a combination of chrome firefox and IE (for work related apps).  opera used to be a favorite but it cant compete with desktop browsers anymore.


Post # 460 "MOHAWK"

today im a 27 year old with a mohawk... who would have thought such things would ever happen.



thanks WHB

all weekend long!

the people that live upstairs from me are out of town so guess what that means? I'll be sitting in my lovsac chair of ultimate destiny watching movies all weekend long. YES!
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an important reminder!

Today is national Doughnut Day! Head over to Krispy Kreme for a free doughnut today only!


the perfect browser does not exist yet

just tested out opera 10 beta.  its way slower than chrome.  all i have to say is browsers are a long way off from what i think is ideal.  i want more customization blast it!

here's what i like about chrome:
1. its the fastest
2. i like how its designed to not crash as a whole but only in the pieces with issues
3. i like how i can drag tabs around to different windows
4. i like how its FAST

heres what i wish it had:
1. i want to be able to change the toolbars
2. i want to have a lot more options in the new tab screen
3. skins would be cool.. something more compact looking would be nice

han solo pi

thought this was well done and worth a look


Are you feeling it yet!

"twilight prince"

from sabrepulse (suggested by davy)

the termintator movie

Do you guys remember when we went to the theater to see the terminator movie!?
im pretty sure we had more fun waiting to see the movie than the movie itself

this MMO might be cool

regardless of how good the game turns out. this was a fun cinematic to watch!