this is just creepy!

from gizmodo

Thanks old glory!


Man.. there are a lot of people out there wasting their time on crap like this.  This belongs in science FICTION!


this is awesome.

no for reals.. i dont care what you say.. this is awesome.


these are still good!

its been a while since i had one of these beauties.. just thought id let you all know.. they are still fantastically tasty!


new G.I. Joe comin at ya..

Here is the first 3 webisodes..

hulu on ps3

here you go mark.  finally tested it out a bit.  here is some crappy day time action shots.

it works.. the browser is not perfect.. and these are not in hulu's "HD" but it does work.  ive been watching death note as you can see lol.  I cant seem to get hulu's "HD" to show up though.. the audio works but the video is just black.. you might have better luck on your tv.. i have a hunch its something to do with my LCD screen in my projector.  im going to keep messing with it though..


revenge of the fallen footage

not bad looking in HD


lets be honest...

This looks incredibly entertaining.. destiny beckons.. and calls my name...

Im a sucker for these movies..

the weather is crappy lately.. if for no other reason then that.. watch this trailer

best harry potter trailer yet..

enjoy it while its still here.. im thinking it might be removed soon..


Science night!

from last week!

This is a test

frost on my truck a while back...



these guys with out a doubt have the coolest job in the world.


ever wonder what it would look like if you got hundreds and hundreds of fluorescent light bulbs and planted them in the ground under a power line? wonder no more my friends...

it would only look like a lightsaber garden...

a couple bits of tech news ...

First of all some news on bluetooth. Apparently on the 21st of this month the Bluetooth SIG or Special Interest Group is going to announce specs on the new Bluetooth 3.0 and this is what they say about it:

"Transferring an entire music library, a complete DVD, a vacation's worth of photos, all within seconds at the touch of a button and wirelessly will now be possible."

sounds pretty good to me.. it also seems they will be able to do this by bringing bluetooth to the 802.11 wifi. not sure how that will work exactly but im excited to see this happen.


now changing topics to the new windows operating system coming out. windows 7. critics and analysts are saying that windows 7 is gonna be another vista flop.. which is really bad news for them. vista was and still is the worst OS they have ever made. vista is failing and will continue to fail.. linux and probably mac are reaping the benefit of this failure. when windows 7 fails in a similar way.. microsoft is going to continue to lose their OS market share and linux is gonna keep grabbing more.

so here is my goal. im not planning on going to mac anytime soon cuz its still not impressive enough for all the cost. and honestly.. probably never will be in my opinion. so.. that means there is really only 2 options.. stick with xp as long as you can.. (which may be shorter than you think.. as they are officially ending support for XP tomorrow) or learning linux.

as you can probably guess.. im going to end up doing all my personal computing in linux.. (again, lol) so the goal is to be able to be completely efficient in linux by the time windows 7 is out. so here we go.. sometime soon ill be reorganizing all 177 gigs of all my data and then ill be blowing away windows and diving into linux again.. we will see how it goes.


sun quakes

caused by solar flares.. interesting thing davy told me about the other day.. not mind blowing but still interesting.