a music exercise

music is great for a lot of things.  for example daft punk is great for many situations but it seems to excel in the area of  running/jogging/gym.  when youre in a good mood and want to have a vocal rock out session.. i believe journey will never let you down.  the're are many examples.  but..

when was the last time you had a truly quiet moment and devoted it entirely to music.  its probably been a while.  you may have completely forgotten how this is properly done.  so here we go lets make it happen.  i mean truly quiet here so lets turn off all your tech, that means tv, cell phone, microwave, washer and dryer and any other infernal blasted beeping machine.  now turn your brain off.  this will be the hard par.  forget all your problems, worries and stress.  ladies this will be particularly hard for you since youve probably never had a single quiet moment in your busy little heads your entire life but give it a try anyway. 

once you've turned off the world.. hit this button and close your eyes.  give in to it completely.

***now most of you probably dont have amazing sound systems hooked up to your computers so it might be a good idea to go grab the best headphones you can find.***


  1. mmmmm.....Cello...... That made my week better (imagine one of those slow smiles across my face that is borderline high that really actually means pure contentment)

    Thank you

  2. glad you liked it =) i think i listened to this song and others for 2 hours straight that night.


Thanks for the comments.