i would like to make a statement

by posting this video i only want to express a couple things...

first: japanese is obviously the coolest language on the planet. period. nothing even comes close.

second: some of the coolest and perhaps most messed up stuff comes from japan.

now i also want to say that i dont know anything about final fantasy. ive never played the games and i dont know any of the story lines so im not trying to advertise the game. however.. i will say this. they sound amazing on a good theater system. and im talking speakers with lots of watts pumped into em.

final statement: ive decided that when i die nothing would be more comforting than to hear a japanese voice usher me through the heavens. either a soft woman's voice or a gruff samurai voice. that would be the greatest thing ever. i dont even care if i understand what they are saying. if i die and see a dude in full samurai armor shouting long sentences at me and pointing to a gate.. that would be more than sufficient.


  1. what if you died at one of those Tepanyaki Steak Places? Lol.

  2. St. Peter-san motions to hell with his giant samauri sword and from the depths you hear the familiar robot voice box sound of the villain from Ong Bak beckoning you...


Thanks for the comments.