i find myself blogging

so here is a peek into my life.  its freezing in this room.  im wearing a beanie, hoody, socks, and a freaking blanket.  and.  ive got my motorcycle gloves on so i can type on this keyboard without fear of gangrene.

ive got headphones on and im listening to something called "Now Big Hits 2009" disc one.  i  hated the first song.  the 2nd song is cold play viva la vida.  so this is really getting off on the wrong foot..

ive got a pretty serious beard growing in..  ill call it a winter beard.

i have an overwhelming and possibly difficult to understand desire to go see the movie "ninja assassin" tomorrow at midnight..

the wow servers have been down all day.  which may be a large portion of the reason im blogging and not wowing right now.  ive spent a considerable amount of time today on the forums trying to learn how to squeeze every last drop of dps out of my blood spec'd dk.  does anyone know the current caps for 3.2.2 ?  im pretty sure hit is still 8% and exp. is still 25 but what about crit?  armor pen is 100% -10% from blood gorged and minus what ever trinket procs you have.. but what does that mean really as far as rating goes?

do you see why playing wow is serious business?  there is literally hundreds of thousands of pages out there theorycrafting for this game.  you gotta know what youre doing if you want to be competitive.  which i am.  wanna see what i look like after only playing for a few weeks?  of course you do.. meet Megahertz!

ok so the servers are still down so i cant give you a real pic.. i had to compile this from wowhead from my items on the armory so you dont get to see what the sword looks like enchanted and all that.


the servers are down.. soo.. i find myself blogging...


  1. I love the hardcore motorcycle gloves. I think they really make the ensemble work. The beard reminds me of Gerard Butler... is that weird?

  2. yeah, I kind of like the beard on you-you look handsome!

  3. I too, am digging the beard. However, you lost me at "The wow servers have been down all day. Blah Blah Blah nerdy nerd nerd nerd geeky nerd stuff endearing nerdiness blah blah blah Picture!!" :)

  4. Gerard butler is sexy.. so ill take it! Thanks you gals.


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