i enjoy this music

http://www.myspace.com/interferenceireland  yes its irish.  listen to the song gold.

also ive been listening to this band for a while.  they are great.  give em a listen.  owl city


  1. Love me some Irish.......music.

  2. Am I searching through your old(er) posts? Yes, yes I am. =) Hey... about Owl City... they are coming to Spokane and I'm pretty excited about it. I think Adam Young is creative in a crazysilly amazing way, actually. I love 'Vanilla Twilight' and I'm currently learning 'Hello Seattle' on the ukulele. Hahaha... can't believe I just admitted that. I downloaded some older albums of Owl City to check out as well. Fun fun. Okay, the end. =)

  3. Hello Seattle is my favorite Owl City song for sure. And Im glad to hear that somewhere out there someone is playing it on a ukulele! I would like to hear that actually =)

  4. If I get it down (let's hope that is a when, eh?...) I'll send it your way, it's a promise. =)


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