dreams are interesting things...

most of the time dreams are as tangible as fog and memorable as toast.  other times they can be the complete opposite.  last night i dreamed i had a long time relationship with this woman. 

shes from a tv show ive only seen twice. (castle)
i dont understand why my brain would pull such an obscure person into such a believable alternate reality.  i remember so many details about a different life.  dreams are interesting things...


  1. At least your "dream" girlfriend is a pretty cool character. I really like that show. I like my "dream" alternate locations sometimes better than the dream itself. Like Alternate dream Disneyland (which is suprisingly dark and a little scary) and alternate dream highschool. My favorites are vivid dreams about books I haven't read yet or movies that hadn't been made yet. Imagine dreaming What lies beneath or The Others before they have even been announced or living Harriet the spy before reading the book...I even remember designing the exact book cover at the end of it...I LOVE Dreams!


Thanks for the comments.