body hair

im talking gnarly beards, mustaches, chops and all the rest.  its a symbol of ultimate manliness.  i have always made fun of any dude who thought he found a good excuse to shave his legs.  i dont care if you are an olympic swimmer.  there is no reason to shave your legs...

now however, for the first time in my life i think ive changed my mind about hair.  well maybe not exactly.. i still admire all my friends who can grow outstanding face hair.  ive always wished i could grow massive chops.  i still think body hair = ultimate.  but.. im sick of hair.  all of it.  lets face it.  its annoying to shave all the time.  buying razors and blades and shaving cream all the time sucks too.  but on the flip side face hair is equally annoying after a point.  its just itchy and scratchy and awful.  plus most ladies are not into kissing a big wire-brush on your lip. 

so ive decided that i dont want any hair anywhere.  no face hair no arm/leg hair not even eyebrows or lashes.  i want it all to go.  basically i have 2 choices here.  i can be that guy from the movie powder.  hes cool right?

that or i could just get cancer from head to toe.  i would gladly take either one.

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  1. You know, I used to love that movie. I don't know why because it's so depressing.
    Anywho, body hair. If I had my way men wouldn't have it either. IT'S GROSS.

    But as far as beards go, yeah at times it's itchy, and sometimes it pokes up my nose when we're kissing, but it sure beats getting my face sliced open by razor sharp stubble. And that is why dan is permitted to walk around like a mountain man


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