theres been some changes, perhaps i should blog them a bit

my life has had to make a few adjustments lately.  but before i start talking about that.  i found the greatest carved pumpkin ever created.  seeing this in real life must be freaky.

the predator pumpkin.  incredible.

now here is some music while you read.  i dont care if you think its gay.  its awesome.

so i quit my job. here is the truth behind why. (the long short version) 8 years ago i went to bolivia as a missionary. i got sick with some unknown illness 15 months into it and had to come home. i spent 7 years trying to deal with a nameless debilitating disease. ive known for a long time that things were unavoidably getting worse. i knew this day would eventually come. i gave it absolutely everything i had. more specifically i gave work all the energy i could but in the end it degraded to this. so anyway it was a good run. ive now been sick for for a total of 8 years.

there is of course more to this story. early this year i finally was able to get a diagnosis. lyme disease. and a host of issues stemming from lyme. the timing of this information was perfectly painful. i was going through a rough divorce when i learned about what it really was. an indescribably horrible bacterial infection. slow but fatal. transmitted by a bolivian blood-sucking bug bite. ive had a year to deal with all the hard truth.

however. its not over yet. there are still a few things on the list. after quitting my job i intended to give a few more possible treatments a try. the first one i started on friday my last day of work. and by no small miracle.. and for the first time ever, after trying innumerable other things.. this actually feels promising. so thats good news.

of course.. after the ocean of failures ive been through. im not holding my breath. but, this is more "light at the end of the tunnel" than ive had all these awful 8 years. so i cant help but be a little up beat about it. the prospect of being able to wear actual shoes this winter is overwhelming to say the least. speaking of.. does anyone know of a shoe that wins the "most comfortable shoe ever" category? ive not bought shoes in forever! i have no idea what to look into.

also. i have other good news. ive been offered a fantastic job that will be able to suit me much better than the demanding job i had before. which is more amazing than i can really describe or say here.  

so thats all the major life changes i can think of...

as for minor changes. today i spent a good while at the audi dealership in salt lake. it was actually a lot of fun for me. before today i honestly didnt care at all for audi's. but after spending the day over there i left feeling very impressed. and i can now possibly see myself owning one someday.  


TTS Roadster


so what kind of audi are you?


  1. We had a neighbor that ran a car dealership. One day he let me drive the TT - it was very nice!! But lately I've been eyeing the Subaru Impreza WRX - someday I'll return and join you in your audi envy.
    side note: I once met a guy that told me how tempted he was to get a sharpie and put an 'H' in front of audi every time he saw one.

  2. Haudi? thats funny.. holy CRAP LIGHTNING outside my window.. i gotta go watch it now~

  3. Wow. So let me know if you need anything and remember that you have a family that loves you! now moving on to the less serious stuff. Check out crocs (I know what you are thinking, aren't those the uber dorky looking shoes that old people wear?) and I say yes they are but they have new ones that look better and i will tell you that they are the most comfortable shoes ever. My husband works in a hospital for 10-12 hours a day and that is what he wears and loves them. www.crocs.com Next item of business, I love the Audi R8. If you do get one, please name it Zippy. (Cause honestly doesn't it look like Zippy?)And Lastly holy crap scary pumpkin! Shouldn't this be rated? I mean I think that could qualify for R-rated.... I think you should check out our pumpkins on my blog. I like my simple yet elegant Edward Scissorhands. I mean at least it won't give me nightmares at the end of the day :-)

  4. Well, I hope this treatment is bearable as well as effective for you. We'll be praying...
    Have you ever tried Sanuks? They are totally Garit shoes. They are enclosed flip flops. You can get them at sporting goods stores (surfers wear them). I have a pair and I love.

  5. G- I too hope this new treatment works! I am sorry for what you have gone through. I second the crocs and I love any AUDI!!!

  6. Garit you know I have always loved you and always will! Come by sometime if you feel like it! Jeff is pretty cool and I think you might like him! We have game nights on Sundays at my mom's house still if you are ever interested! ;)

  7. Awesome! Glad to hear it. And thanks for the well wishing and shoe suggestions. I am excited at the chance to be a shoe guy again.

  8. That's the best work on a pumpkin i've ever seen.


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