a few things:

  • I am loving music like crazy this week. As in spending hours awake listening to music instead of sleeping. 
  • I am no longer interested in sleep at all I think. 
  • Anxiousness is on the rise. 
  • I am already completely sick of being cold. I wore a scarf all day long. Not kidding. I just now took it off. Did you hear that? A blazing scarf for frick sake!? 
  • Im listening to Paramore's - Brand New Eyes album... and liking it. A lot. 
  • Thanks again to Adam Daly for hooking me up with .revolutiontt. (by the way, they are doing the "double up" thing again. im thinking about doing 40gb worth. just an fyi) Edit: I just donated $14 for 40gb woot! 
  • I really wanted to ride the bike today but didnt cuz I don't have infinite saddle bags,.. or saddle bags period. 
  • Infinite saddle bags would be awesome! C'mon Science! Where's your black holes now!?
  • Reloaded my computer with windows 7 final release today (non-64bit version) and I think I like my RC 64bit version better than this one. It was way faster and dare I say.. less buggy?!? I need to try the final 64bit version now I guess. 
  • I dont think ill ever be completely happy with a computer or cell phone's hardware or software. I want to live on the enterprise. 
  • Or in a cave like this one.. 
  • My favorite number is still 3. But I don't think im crazy. 
  • Ive been craving banana creme pie in a fierce way... for days! 
  • This cd rocks! 
  • I love .flac everyone everywhere should be using nothing else. 
  • I definitely still love Vertical Horizon. 
  • I plan on spending some quality time at reference audio in the near future. *GRIN 
  • Its very possible I've downloaded 20gb of music today. Thats a lot for me. 
  • Dan had a great idea tonight for being a food critic. It involves trumpets and if really bad.. trombones.
  • Tonight was probably at least one of these.

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