conversation with my sister today

Me and Kela were both on the computer today.  I looked over and saw a picture of a dog on what looked like KSL.com

me: Are you looking at dogs!!??

Kela: no...

me: Good.  I'm watching you...

Kela: ...

me: wait.. are you really looking at dogs?

Kela: Yes!

me: WHAT!?

Kela: Im just looking!

me: Kela you realize I dont respect pets owners right?

Kela: you're ridiculous...

me: If Jesus had a pet I would not respect him.

Kela: Oh my gosh youre so ridiculous!

and so on...


  1. Is there a specific reason for the epic grudge against pet owners? I am not a pet owner but I was just wondering since it is a sentiment slightly outside our social norms...and i realize this is grounds to start a wonderful tirade... you may begin

  2. i just dont get why humans think its ok to domesticate filthy animals. and in some cases adopt them into the family. its absolutely disgusting. there are a million reasons why this is wrong.


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