25 Random things about me

9 months ago branden posted one of these on facebook.. and for some reason.. i only now just read it. so im gonna take a crack at it myself.

1. lightning.  I could leave it at that.  I think its more than sufficiently descriptive of me.

2. for days i have been trying to decide what my "dream car" would be and i am having the hardest time of it! i seriously have no idea what my dream car is. ive really been trying. ive been watching hours and hours of top gear lately. im totally educating myself too. a couple days ago i went to a place in provo that makes incredible $110,000+ kit cars. They were amazing! but Im still not sold. They also showed me a million dollar roadster they made with a Ford GT engine in it. Awesome! but is it for me? not really. I honestly dont think I have a dream car.

3. If I could go back in time and hang out with anyone I wanted.  with out a doubt there is only person on the earth i would hang out with.  Nikola Tesla.  is there anyone more cool than the "master of lightning" himself?  i think not.

4. I completely hate pets.  This is something people have to deal with if they want to associate with me unfortunately.

5. I already know what my biggest failure in life will be when i die. Who else is crazy enough to say that? Im 27 years old and I already know what it is.  Im not talking about some great mistake I made in the past. Its just something I want to do but know I never will be able to.

6. I've been a food connoisseur ever since my first job at the age of 14.

7. I have only 2 things i would run into a burning house for to rescue. My blankets firstly because they are  like my children and my wooden musical coin bank my grandpa made me when i was a kid. I've had that bank for as long as I can remember. Its like the only possession that survived my childhood. I no longer have any GI Joes or action figures. Really nothing else I can think of has survived.

8. I hate the wallflowers with a limitless depth of passion. Even I dont truly understand it. All I know is that its real and dangerous.

9. This may shock a lot of people but I hate technology. I've never been satisfied with a cell phone or an operating system or an mp3 player or anything. Im sure i'll be living on a star ship enterprise before I will actually approve of any one bit of technology. I think we have a long way to go.

10. When I was growing up my mother would always tell me that I was an alien. For reals she would tell me that. She told me that I was an alien and that some day in the future I would mature into and discover my alien powers. she would tell me to be careful when i tapped into my powers.  haha!  I dont remember thinking much about it but looking back on it now I think It greatly effected my brain and the way I think and dream. I absolutely love that she did that.

11. I hate: doors, locks, keys, stairs, when plants touch me, when animals touch me, bugs, many things in the ocean, poorly compressed music or sound of any kind, am radio (unless its during a lightning storm), professional sports, anything that has to do with professional sports, pets, PETA, pet owners, when i have to go to wal-mart, when i have to go to the bathroom, being any kind of sick, most keyboards, most mice, laundry, hospitals, any kind of doctors office, dishonesty, and anything that beeps!

12. I may be one of the few guys on this earth that is not interesting in seeing 2 girls kiss.

13. I love: getting a hair cut and shave with a straight blade, lightning and anything related to it, a good book (which seems to be a rare find lately), pumpkin pie from scratch, all sorts of music, listening to music on audio equipment worth more than a typical home, witnessing explosions, witnessing car crashes, when people vomit, top gear, my hammock, motorcycles, driving my jeep with the windshield down, good food, women, boats, skipping rocks, hitting rocks with sticks, comic characters like Thor and Magneto, mirrored sun glasses, rock sliding down mountains, and science.

14. There are some things I'm wussily afraid of and other things manily not afraid of.  i may have just made up both of those words.  lol.  examples of wussy fears: insects, kelp/seaweed, crabs, spider webs, and eel!  however i also have manly resistances to things: i will never have a problem with heights, no problem jumping off of cliffs and ive always wanted to sky dive, ive been perfectly comfortable to stand on the edge of the grand canyon with one foot over the edge(actually i think i have a picture of that somewhere).  ive done a lot of dangerous things that should have scared me but didnt.  ive done a lot of freestyle rock climbing with no gear at all.  i admit to doing completely insane things without a 2nd thought.  im also not afraid of girl rejection and awkward situations.  lol in fact i like it.

15. i hate capitalizing letters.  but sometimes its so ingrained into me that i still do it half the time.  as you will notice in this blog half the time there are capitals and half the time not.  i am unwilling to change either half for conformity's sake.  it does bother me however.  now you know...

16. the one thing i miss from my time in bolivia is being able to pee anywhere and everywhere.  that was easy to get used to and easy to miss.  i wish america would adopt a similar policy.

17. every year i say "i never want to see another utah winter" and its still true.  so far ive been unable to avoid it.  i want to go live on a boat somewhere nice.

18. movies in my top 3: the count of monte cristo, kung fu panda, inglorious bastards, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

19. I do not believe in mainstream astronomy and physics.  That includes crap like black holes.  Thats all Im gonna say though because I could talk about this one for hours.

20. i have a weakness for movies that have ninjas, dragons, wizards, and swords.  i am not ashamed.

21. I saw a UFO at lake powell a few years ago.

22. i am fascinated with the differences in men and women.  we are truly a different species.

23. i have always wanted to make my own fireworks.

24. sometimes i crave maple bars and half and half.

25. I value honesty in people.

(sorry for the short answers at the end.  i got sick of this.  i want to go buy shoes now)

found the pic of me standing on one leg over the edge with one foot in the air =)


Thanks for the comments.