ultimate sigh...

ok.. for blast's sake...   I just busted out the winter sweat pants again.  what the frick happened to summer?  do we really have to do this whole being freezing cold for months on end thing again?!?  really!?

enjoy this blurry phone pic of my red sweat pants!


  1. I'm wearing a hoodie and gloves!! Not because it's wintry, because the office I work in is FREAKING FREEZING!!!

    Can't wait to go outside in my perfect 70's-80's California weather....Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!

  2. tiff.. you know i love you.. but sometimes i think youre evil. ;)

  3. Wow you suck. It is 14 minutes to 7pm and it is still over 100 degrees. There should be this giant weather equalizer where the temperature just evens out over the entire world and every where is 72 degrees all the time. Ahh perfection. Until then I will pay my $300 electric bill for air conditioning well in to the month of November.... I think it might be time to move....

  4. id rather have your weather.. being cold makes me angry.

  5. You should just come live down here then. We have an extra room and all the movies you could ever want to watch :-) Then you would be warm 10 months out of the year and just a little less warm the other 2 months!


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