Some dude killed a guy with a samurai sword

Of course im going to post this! haha! so this dude John Pontolillo hears the sounds of an intruder in his garage. naturally he does what anyone in his position would do,.. which is grab a samurai sword and confront the intruder! hah! i dont know about you guys but if i was a thief or criminal braking into some guys garage and then i see him wielding a freaking sword.. im going to be more concerned than if he had a gun or any other weapon. but thats just me. mysteriously the intruder decides not to run away in fear but to "lunge" at him. at which point samurai-john cuts his hand off in one swift slice. soon after he bleed to death. now i read another account that said he was stabbed with it and bled to death but i like the hand version better. anyway the guy he killed turns out to be a life long criminal and had apparently just gotten out of the county jail for something else.

i searched for the guys picture but only found this. it may or may not be him
and because everything about samurai is completely awesome.. enjoy these...


  1. Hi Garit! I just recently joined the blogging world and I have to say I love your pages. I saw this one and several things came to mind, "I really need to watch 'Last Samurai' again... I love that movie!" and my second thought was because I recently watched the Sci-fi movie Serenity and I thought of the assassin when he killed Mr, Universe and his recording after he did started of as " Guy killed me Mel. Killed me with a sword. How weird is that?" I am pretty sure the assassin didn't use a Katana but I don't think my thought processes have pre-requisites when it comes to it's triggers. PS I read this particular article in the news and it said the victims hand got chopped off.... I wonder if he stole something and this is his karma coming around? Anyway I really just wanted to say Hi since it has been so long and I miss my cousin. :-)

  2. This is the ......... words..... a think I have a new crush on that man! How awesome!


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